Pimax Vision 5K Plus Review – 144Hz Virtual Reality Headset at $619 From Gearbest


Pimax Vision 5K Plus is a budget Headset from a line of virtual reality headsets from a Chinese startup. The helmet has an impressive screen resolution and viewing angle for its segment, making virtual reality truly close and indistinguishable from the real world. Pimax 5K Plus with dual-screen CLPL (Customized Low Persistence Liquid) can take you in the most immersive VR world: sharper texts, brighter images, faster refrain rate, no ghosting/smear effect, 99% grid effect removal, it solves all the dots dissatisfaction with the current market offer.

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The Pimax Vision 5K Plus is one of the largest virtual reality headsets on offer, with a width of about 29.21 cm, a height of 9.5 cm and a maximum depth of 11.4 cm. Although the headset is quite large. Enough space is required to accommodate two adjacent displays to create a 200-degree field of view (for comparison, the Vive Pro has a 110-degree field of view). Pimax has never disclosed the dimensions of the headset’s displays, and the body of the device suggests that the screens are approximately 5 inches across. Regardless of size, each panel has 2560×1440 pixels with a total resolution of 5120×1440, which the company calls 5K.

The Pimax Vision 5K Plus uses custom-made LCD panels called Low Resistance LCDs (CLPLs). CLPL panels show no perceptible side effects or tears, but they may lack colour rendering a bit. If you’re looking for OLED-level colour reproduction, the 5K Plus won’t leave you indifferent. The Pimax 5K BE, the business version of the headset, features OLED panels in the same ultra-wide configuration. Despite its large size, the 5K Plus is surprisingly lightweight. Incredibly, Pimax managed to keep the weight of the large headset in the same range as the relatively tiny Oculus Rift headset (514 versus 470 for the Rift, respectively).

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The Pimax Vision 5K Plus has a 3-point Velcro strap that secures the headset to your face. The company is currently working on improving the mount, in the form of mechanical adjustment similar to the Deluxe Audio; which will most likely also contain headphones. When Pimax ran its Kickstarter campaign, it announced that over time it would have a variety of headset accessories; including an eye-tracking module, ascent module, and a hand tracking module. The hand tracking module ended up being a second-generation Leap Motion sensor that attaches to the bottom of the Pimax Vision 5K Plus as well as the Pimax 8K.

This year, Pimax and Leap Motion announced a formal partnership with CES, and also announced that their 5K Plus; 5K BE and 8K headsets will include 180-degree Leap Motion modules. How useful this hand-tracking sensor will be is really a matter of developer support for it. If Pimax succeeds in capturing a large enough market share for VR headsets; it could spur new developer interest in the Leap Motion platform.


The Pimax Vision 5K Plus built-in convenience and safety features are seamlessly integrated for an uninterrupted experience. The Chaperone guidance system alerts you if you approach the boundaries of the play area; while a front-facing camera blends physical elements into the virtual world. We can buy it from Gearbest at $619 by using Coupon Code: T56EB49EB29EB000 in Flash Sale.

Buy Pimax Vision 5K Plus From Gearbest


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