Pinlo M1C Three-axis Camera Stabilizer| Now Record Video Without Difficult| Design, Features, Review


Introducing the Pinlo M1C Three-axis Camera Stabilizer collaboration to bring you the 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for smartphones. This selfie stick-like item lets you shoot great videos no matter how shaky your hands are, no matter how bumpy your ride it. It just lives up to its purpose, to stabilize the video as much as it can. If you would like to take astounding pictures and videos, Pinlo M1C Three-axis Camera Stabilizer for Smartphone is one of the most crucial aspects that are required to be successful. There is an incredibly simple solution that has been used by professional photographers and video production crews for years. It is called the Steadicam or stabilizer camera mount. It provides a smooth shot even when moving fast over uneven surfaces.


The new Stabilizer, the Mi Pinlo 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer monopod with stabilization function, perfectly stabilizes the video and is very user-friendly. The stabilizer comes in a small box and is also packed in a bubble film. The package includes the stabilizer itself, 1 additional weight plate, charging cable and instruction. it connects to the camera via the Bluetooth interface. The stabilizer has an autonomous power supply, but one charge is enough for a very long time.


Capturing great videos are great for memories these days, with the smartphone’s camera so advanced and the camera so decent like a DSLR, we can not ignore taking good photos and taking good videos. What if your hands are shaky, or taking those videos for a long 10 to 15 minutes that even the great Mike Tyson will find his hands shaking due to the weight of the camera at a certain position will surely make your hands go shaky no matter how athletic you are. Universal monopod Pinlo Shooting Stabilizer Black is a 3-axis electronic stabilizer for a smartphone that will allow smoothly shoot video without shivering and shaking. Accelerometer sensors and G-sensors built in the device track the position and speed of movement in real time, and the built-in servo motor compensates them, which makes it possible to stabilize the smartphone and receive sharp and sharp pictures, and also to shoot smooth video without jerking.

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Now with the Pinlo M1C Three-axis Camera Stabilizer for the phone, every moment of wanting to record it is no longer difficult, even if it’s a place where you can hardly balance the frame, no matter the spirit, status how are you All images will be saved stable, beautiful and professional. Pinlo M1C Three-axis Camera Stabilizer is now available on Gearbest just at $199.00.


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