PiPO V2 VR All-in-one VR Headset Design, Hardware, Features Review


Many of the Chinese brands we know are launching themselves into the virtual reality industry in search of the hen’s golden eggs just as they did with the Smartwatch and other junk. This time the relatively well-known Chinese brand PiPo presents its virtual reality Kit PiPO VR V2 After V1 that clearly aligns itself in the sector of low price.

Design & Hardware

The Advanced & Stylish PiPO V2 VR All-in-one Machine comes with high-performance CPU (RK3288 Quad Core ARM Cortex A17) and Nibiru 2.0 OS (developed based on Android 5.1), and is equipped with 5.5Inch IPS Display Screen which supports 1080P Resolution Display & Super 3D effect, offering you High-definition Image and wonderful immersive sense & 3D visual experience. PiPO V2 (support 2.4G WiFi) can be regarded as a great game partner and your private 3D Cinema, which will bring you Shocking VR game experience and let you greatly enjoy local 3D videos & online 3D movies. PiPO V2 integrates auditory sense, visual sense and tactile sense to offer you all-round extreme VR experience. You will love it. PiPO V2 VR equipped with 2GB DDR3 RAM, 16GB ROM internal storage, of course, it can be expandable to 32GB, and it is built-in 3700mAh Li-polymer battery for about 3.5 hours playing time and 9-axis Gyro.


360° three-dimensional space (without dead corner) interactive system delivers more authentic immersive Virtual Reality experience. And embedded with nine-axle sensors which supports 360° view of head tracking (360° head somatic sensory control), making you feel that you are on the scene. Furthermore, it provides 2D, 3D and 360° panorama format to be chosen. Comes with a plenty of Virtual Reality Game Resources and Movie Resources. No need for Smartphone & PC, you can Enjoy 1080P HD Movie / 3D Movie (offering clear and exquisite 3D picture) / Wonderful Immersive Games.  Just enjoy wonderful VR Games and Movie Resources. PiPO V2 uses Anti-blue rays double 45mm Aspheric high transparency (PMMA)Lenses which is more pure and offers distortionless image. PiPO V2 owns optimal 90°FOV (super similar to human eyes, giving you a broad perspective) and ultra-low levels of light leak, can achieve the latency time within ultra-short time, so you not fell obvious vertiginous sensation. You will feel strong immersive sense when wear PiPO V2 to experience its included application scenarios. The VR Headset supports adjusting pupil distance and is compatible with naked eyes with myopia under 600 degrees. PiPO V2 supports 360°three-dimensional space interactive system which brings you wonderful Immersive panorama virtual reality experience, and PiPO V2 also supports surround output, can enhance your Immersive Sense and make you feel like on the scene when experiencing VR games. And nine-axle attitude indicator are embedded to let the player totally immerse in the world of games through the player’s actual rotation of head. You are note separated from games but being a part of them.


PiPO V2 VR All-in-one comes with some really good specs. Big battery, big screen with FHD resolution and game controller are a few of the many positive characteristics that it has. You can order it from TOMTOP using our coupon code 5TOMTOP, so the price to drop down to $115.00.



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