Pocophone F1 User Can Enjoy Pure Android Thanks to Pixel Experience


We do not tire of saying it, the Pocophone F1 is the Smartphone of the moment, over the new iPhone, since it has completely changed the concept of cheap high-end mobile. And logically, its popularity in Android development is growing, that’s why we can already enjoy AOSP in the Pocophone F1 thanks to Pixel Experience.

Undoubtedly one of the most interesting ways to have pure Android in the Pocophone F1 is undoubtedly through LineageOS 15.1, a version that integrates Android 8.1 pure, or almost, in the new Poco of Xiaomi.

As we say, the great hardware of Pocophone F1, at the height of the most expensive phones on the market, and its price so tight, make it one of the main candidates to become the favorite of the community behind Android. It is a mobile that lends itself to a good change of ROM, more when we know that it is being one of the Xiaomi mobiles that receive the bootloader unlocking codes before. Well, this ROM Pixel Experience offers us exactly what his name describes, an experience like that of Google’s mobile phones.

The list of functions that run perfectly offers us all the functionalities of the phone, such as Wifi, RIL, mobile data, GPS, Camera, flash and flashlight, video recording, Bluetooth, FM Radio, fingerprint reader, lights, sound, vibration, and VoLTE. What does not work in this version is infrared photography, although it is surely something that most users can not survive. The ROM that we must download to install it in the Pocophone F1 can be downloaded from the following link:

The installation process is quite simple, and those who are used to it will not take long to do it. To do this we must first unlock the bootloader, having to ask for the unlock code to Xiaomi, which will return it to us in a few days, maybe in a week. With the bootloader open, we can now download a compatible version of TWRP for the Pocophone F1.

With this recovery installed we can install this ROM Pixel Experience. By the way, you do not have to flash the Gapps separately, since they are included with this ROM, so once installed, the functionality of Poco with AOSP should be total. The AOSP version that will be installed is 8.1, so although it is not Android 9 Pie, it is more than enough. Obviously, if you are not familiar with these processes, it is best not to try to flash this or any other ROM to Poco, because there is a great risk of leaving it as a brick. Finally, an important tip, if you dare with it, always make a backup of your current data.

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