Portable 1080p mini camera indoor camera for home and office Review


The Portable 1080p mini camera is a spectacular camera that helps you monitor things at all point in time. It can be used to watch your baby, take care of the elderly, monitor property to [Panoramic navigating function}. The camera is embedded with a 1920*1080 Resolution Camera with clear night vision and motion detection. Supporting remote video record and playback, pan and tilt function with 3D effect


This camera comes in a very classic and amazing design. It comes in a small teddy bear shape in a mixture of white, red and black colors. It very portable and also light in weight. Due to ts shape and size, this camera can be positioned n anywhere in the home or office.


The Portable 1080p mini camera indoor camera for home and office provide a panoramic navigating picture of the entire room with one-touch pan and tilt controls. It is capable of digital zoom and rotation operation. Getting an overall control of the monitoring area {Live preview 3D intelligent tracking}: Simply touch anywhere on the screen, the camera will begin tracking automatically and focusing exactly at the spot you tap. No excessive drag and slide to adjust viewing [Safer privacy protection with advanced encryption technology}: Videos recorded could be encrypted by password. Those would like to playback videos of the camera should input the password to get permits Sexe. {Exclusive account for the highest security}: This camera can be added by only one main account with all settings available. This main account can share its camera to max 5 other accounts through authorization.

The Portable 1080p mini camera indoor camera for home and office is currently avalbe on Gearbst for $40.00 


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