Possible Huawei P10 Green and Purple Version Unveiled to Support YAMAHA Sound Effect


MWC 2017 is closer, Huawei P10 as the latest Huawei P series smartphone will be released soon. Today according to @ichangezone who leaked many Huawei products before, he has unveiled several new photos of Huawei P10, it’s worthwhile to know that from the renderings, this time Huawei P10 should add green and purple color. And it means that Huawei P10 will have at least five colors, black, white and golden.

Besides two new colors, he has also uploaded the logo of Yamaha and Harman Kardon, two International famous speakers and sound effect manufacturer, so Huawei P10 will make breakthrough in sound effect, maybe in the earphone sound effect and sound playing.

According to Ricciolo, Huawei P10 will sell at the most expensive price in P series. And it will bring new functions. We have reported before that Huawei P10 may sell up to 749 euros, 5,516 yuan, which does’t include the customized version.


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