Possible Xiaomi MI6 Renderings Comes with Flexible Display


Smartphones in China have developed very fast whether in screen size, hardware, battery, camera, etc, various manufacturers have tried their best to announce its flagship and black technology. It’s known to all that bendable smartphones are the tendency for most brands.Currently, there are some brands which have released the rendering about their bendable smartphones. For example, Samsung had released its bendable renderings first, then Lenovo also teased its flexible smartphone before IFA 2016 in Berlin. OPPO also tried its concept phones with flexible screen. But they all have not released one until now. Right now we have seen Xiaomi just showed the flexible display clearly about the new concept phone.


We must want to know what is this mi phone. As you know, Xiaomi MI Note 2 will be possible to come out next month, so it couldn’t be Xiaomi MI Note 2 with flexible display this year, the most possibility with Xiaomi MI Note 2 screen should be the curved screen. So it will be Xiaomi MI6 coming in the next year. From the pictures, it shows high reliability without Photoshopped sign. This  smartphone uses the flexible screen, which can be bendable upwards, downwards as well as the left and right.


But there is a practical problem that the bendable display is hard to mass produce, and the cost will be very high. Most users can’t be affordable. We hope Xiaomi MI6 will come with bendable display at affordable price like other Xiaomi smartphone. Anyway, we are quite satisfied with the curved display and less bezel on Xiaomi MI Note 2 first. Stay tuned.


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