Possible Xiaomi MI6 Smartphone Live Photos First Unveiled


At the beginning of this new year, Xiaomi has speeded up its new smartphones, after releasing Redmi Note 4X, it is said that Xiaomi MI5C, Xiaomi mi6 will come out continuously. Today there is a netizen leaking a set of new MI Phone photos.According to photos, it has higher screen to body ratio than common smartphones. It may be between 5.2 inch to 5.5 inch ,we can’t see the fingerprint scanner on the front screen.

Recently, Xiaomi new products list has been unveiled, according to this list, Xiaomi will release four new tvs in April, there will be a new smartphone released in March, will it be Xiaomi mi6? From the list, it’s reliable, model, C6 is Redmi Note 4X which has been released, Xiaomi mijia air purifier filter started to sell yesterday, just now Xiaomi rc drone official Weibo leaks that Xiaomi MI Drone 4K version will start to sell at 10:00 a.m. [GMT+8], so will model A13 stand for Xiaomi MI6 which will be released in March?


According to this netizen, it may be very likely to be Xiaomi MI6, but it can be so reliable. Because Xiaomi MI6 should have 5.2 inch screen, powered by Snapdragon 835 processor, RAM 4GB/6GB, it will come out in March.

This smartphone has 2.5D curved glass, 5.8 inch 1080p screen, maybe it will be Xiaomi mi6 larger version, Xiaomi MI6 Plus. As for performance, Xiaomi MI6 will have two variants, glass design and ceramic design, at least RAM 4GB, running MIUI 8.2 OS based on Android7.1.1 OS. Whether this new smartphone is Xiaomi MI6 or not, we can see the other very high screen to body smartphone with amazing design. Let’s wait for news next week.

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