Practical Collapsible Hair Dryer Review: Another New Device From Xiaomi For Just $43.54 at @Gearbest (Coupon Inside)


Ladies of the world do right by sparing no expense to look stunning each morning. Nowhere is this more true than getting a hair dryer that keeps your hair flowing, voluminous, and shimmering each time you get ready to start your day. Anyway, you spend so much time and money treating your hair in the shower or salon, so why not invest in an amazing Practical Collapsible Hair Dryer (Xiaomi Smate Hair Dryer). The hair dryer can output 1600W power, air outlet wind speed reached 15 meters per second, strong airflow, you can easily achieve fast drying.


The Practical Collapsible Hair Dryer (Xiaomi Smate Hair Dryer) that takes care of your hair at the affordable price. Minimalistic design is made by Japanese designers team. The folding construction of SMATE Hair Dryer makes it easy to transport. Supplied in white color and with a special nozzle, which can be worn in several positions, depending on how you want to dry your hair. It has an incredible design and compact forms, it becomes portable, which allows you to take it with you on vacation, on vacation and other different trips. It has several modes that can be easily switched by one hand even during the drying process. It can be used for conventional drying, increasing volume, curling, and styling. This hair dryer is absolutely safe for the health of your hair. Provided that you will dry your locks at a distance of 15 cm, it will not hurt and will not overdry them. The wire near the handle is reliably protected from kinks and possible fractures.


In terms of performance, the power of hair dryer can reach 1600W, the speed of air flow is 15 m/s and it provides the rapid hair drying. According to the manufacturer the short hair takes about 1-2 minutes to dry, medium-length hair about 3 minutes and 5 minutes for long hair. A patented DC motor is situated inside the device. The Hair Dryer supports two winds modes, so you can adjust hot or cold wind in a key switch. In addition, the hairdryer can output the soft anion with the concentration of 16million/cm3. The anions can protect the hair from damage and reduce the static electricity.


Practical Collapsible Hair Dryer (Xiaomi Smate Hair Dryer) Another new device from Xiaomi. Of the features can be identified folding handle, simplifying its transportation. The nominal power of the hairdryer is 1600 watts. The hairdryer is quite customary and in its design, strangely enough, nothing bothers. There is a detachable, guiding stream of air, nozzle. Right Now, We can buy Practical Collapsible Hair Dryer From Gearbest at $43.54 with Coupon Code: HEA15OFF


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