President Gao Dongzhen Said That The Samsung S10 Will Not Support 5G


Samsung has officially released the flagship mobile phone Galaxy Note 9 in the second half, but consumers seem to be not very cold on this flagship phone, but more interested in the Galaxy S10 released next year, because everyone has speculated Screen fingerprint technology will be used in the flagship mobile phone next year, but now Samsung Mobile President Gao Dongzhen said in an interview with the media that 5G communication will not be implemented on the Galaxy S10.

Samsung Mobile President agency Dongzhen accepted AN interview with the media when the Note9 conference. additionally to voice communication that Samsung is that the initial company within the world to unharness a folding screen mobile, it additionally expressed its views on the longer term 5G communication, voice communication that it’s an Asian country. Locally, the agreement to sign the 5G exploitation won’t be formally started till March 2019, thus Samsung won’t adopt this technology on the flagship mobile Galaxy S10 next year.

Gao Dongzhen also said that Samsung will release another series of mobile phones in the future, and this mobile phone will become Samsung’s first mobile phone supporting 5G.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 China Conference will be officially held on August 15th, when Samsung will launch Galaxy Note 9 Bank of China mobile phone, and announce the corresponding price.

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