Purchase Guide For Mobile Phones For the Elderly


You were born in the digital or analogical era, the reality is that a mobile phone is a very useful tool for everyone. Maybe you do not have Snapchat or go to Fortnite, but when it is true to be connected it is very important in everyday life. As each user has different needs, there is a wide range of options on the market for all audiences, as is the case for the elderly.

We have looked for basic mobile phones and smartphones, easy to use, with screens (and keyboards, if any) suitable for the elderly. If you are thinking of giving a mobile phone to your grandfather, this selection of models can be of great help.

How it has to be a phone for seniors

Go ahead that within the third age there is a varied casuistry: there are those who are familiar with new technologies and even use social networks and send WhatsApps, others cost more and practice their use is limited to making and answering calls. Anyway, there are some common characteristics in all of them.

With a large and comfortable screen. Although the most basic users are satisfied with a compact telephone for simply calls, if they are going to use the telephone also for messages, a large panel is an obligation to help their viewing, at least 5 inches. It is also key to have a good resolution, of about 1280 x 720 or higher, something that they will appreciate not only for messages but also if they watch videos, photographs, etc.

Battery life Be careful because the larger the panel, the more battery it will consume. Although the elderly are not users as intensive as the young, they will appreciate a large battery that allows them to forget to charge the device for several days. However, some terminals have a charging base instead of the typical charger, so that it is easier to insert and always have it ready.

With a keyboard or without the keyboard? If sending messages is a priority, keep in mind that not all older people adapt to touch screens, so a mobile phone with a keyboard is a good option, as long as it has sufficiently large and ergonomic keys. In this sense, we will find designs from a decade ago, such as the mythical sliding or shell phones, that take advantage of the space to enter a keyboard to type.

Although they do not suffer from the fever of selfies, taking photographs and sending them among their contacts is a pleasant task and that many elderly users demand. Do not rule out the option of having at least one basic rear camera.

Comfortable and accessible software. Older people often have visual and / or auditory difficulties, so it is recommended that phones have simple and simple menus, as well as accessibility options such as connection with headphones, magnifiers, etc. However, it is possible to install help Launcher on smartphones to facilitate the user experience.

Basic smartphone for seniors

Another option beyond the feature phone for the elderly is the basic smartphone. In these cases, it is essential that they have a robust design, large screen and a comfortable interface without complex layers, as well as intuitive accessibility options. However, the installation of help Launcher can be helpful, as we have seen.

As for hardware, given the basics of its use, great features in storage, RAM or processor will not be required, it will be enough to go smoothly for messaging apps like WhatsApp.


The HOMTOM HT80 is a very suitable mobile phone for the elderly, and its functions can bring convenience to the elderly. The NFC function allows the elderly to avoid using cash in places such as buses, and the SOS emergency function allows the elderly to quickly call for help during a crisis. The latest Android 10.0 system allows the elderly to find them through the language.

The main thing, the wireless charger, the elderly who have bad eyes, avoid looking for the charging hole, put it directly on the wireless charger to quickly charge, let the old man keep in touch with the family, and have more functions waiting for your discovery. Further detail, you can see on the official website and can buy it from Aliexpress store.


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