Python Shaped Mountain Bike Review – 26-inch One Wheel at $360 From Gearbest


The newest Python shaped mountain bike packs all you need to ensure your top performance while out riding hills and trails. With the perfect combination of professional 21-speed gearing and 26-inch, 3 spoke wheels more fashion, Free pedals and comfortable seats are included in the package.


Python shaped mountain bike comes with an all-aluminium frame and aluminium ring, without fear of sun and rain, and no rust for 365 days; It is lightweight, even girls can move it; the design of outer decals and polished silver edges make the bicycle more beautiful; with Shimano gear shift components 21-speed gear, you can easily change the speed according to different terrain, the seat height can adjust and the wide and comfortable seat makes your riding more comfortable. Mountain bike comes with Shimano shifting components, Shimano is a world-renowned manufacturer of bicycle parts, Shimano shifting components are well-made, and the shifting is more sensitive. You can easily switch speeds according to various complex mountain terrain.

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Mountain bike very easy to assemble. The bicycle has been assembled 85%. You only need to assemble the bicycle briefly. The assembly tools you need are in the package, and there is no need to purchase additional assembly tools. Use V-type brakes for this mountain bike, which can make the weight of the bicycle lighter and easier to carry. Secondly, the structure of the V-brake is simpler, which is convenient for installation, maintenance and repair. The height of the bicycle seat is adjustable, up to 10cm/4 inches; allowing you to adjust according to your height and riding style.

In addition, the seat of the Mountain Bike is wider and bringing you comfortable riding experience. Mountain bikes come with Zhengxin tires. Zhengxin tires are sports tires. They are durable and have the advantages of abrasion resistance, high-temperature resistance, anti-ageing, anti-cracking, and anti-deformation. It is easier to install the tires and has better sealing properties. Suitable for use in complex and rugged road conditions.


Softer Python shaped mountain bike seat makes your ride more comfortable and front and rear disc brakes ensure your safe riding. We can buy it from Gearbest at $360 in Flash Sale.


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