Q50 Kids Smart Watch Hands-On Review, Best Choice for Your Kids’ Safety


Safety is the priority that we should consider not only for ourselves, but also our family, especially those who have kids, in order to monitor our kids safely, a GPS phone call smartwatch becomes necessary in our daily life, today we will make this Q50 Kids Smart Watch for review to let you know if it is a good choice.


Q50 kids smartwatch are available for five colors, Black,Blue, Deep blue, pink, and Green, we choose a pink one for a girl. In the box, there are a watch, USB charging cable, screw driver and user manual, when we take out the smartwatch, it is very cute and lightweight with 20.00 x 3.50 x 1.50 cm / 7.87 x 1.38 x 0.59 inches dimensions, and 0.039kg weight, it has a 0.96 inch OLED Screen, three buttons on the right side, button 1 is to touch to make friends, friend’s recording, button 2 is about the power button to hang up, send voice, message from watch to App, button 3 is about second family number phone book.  On the left side, there is a USB charger slot and a SOS Button to answer the phone, voice broadcast. The leather is made of rubber to some extent, which is very smooth to wear, not harmful to our children.

How to Connect to SeTracker App?

First, download the SeTracker App from google play or itunes to scan the QR code to connect your phone with the watch.
Second, Install your Micro SIM card to the smartwatch, you can check the image following to know how to do it. Make sure the battery connects well after inserting the SIM card.

Issue: No Data Connection (Device Not Connected To The Internet)

When we are ready to set up on the phone to control the smartwatch by App,  it shows no data connection, but we have Internet to prove well for other operations on the phone, you may need to update your IP_Url, First you check the status of your watch by sending the following sms pw,123456,ts# or pw,523681,ts# to the watch. You should get a return message like the following :-
ver:G36_V5.00_2016.06.03_15.09.52; (May Vary)

sos1:; (This will show your preset SOS numbers)
upload:600S; (Current Work Mode)
bat level:80;
GPS:NO(0); (GPS Signal 0-100)
GPRS:NO(50); (GPRS Signal 0-100)

If the ip_url = agpse.3g-elec.com, you need to change it to the Asia server by SMS

pw,123456,ip,,8001# or


Here are the rest of the IP address i got from other sites :-

Asia & Oceania –

North America –

South America –

Europe –

Once updated, try and restart the watch and see if you can connect again this time.

Setting up the App

Right now you can start to set up in the app such as SOS number, choose work mode such as Normal mode (Where it will update it’s location every 10 minutes), Power Save mode (Update it’s location every 1 hour) and Follow Mode (Update every 1 Minute), Do Not Disturb function when your kids are in class, Add more contacts by the phone app, choose which number to call from Phone book, set up Language and Time Zone, turn off Push switch or not, LBS ( Location Based Service) to use your network to locate, Shutdown the Device and Restore the default work mode, etc.

Main Functions

– Talkback, Call Firewall and Voice Chatting
– GPS + LBS + WiFi Localization
– SOS Emergency and Remote Monitor
– Historical Track and Safety Area
– Power Saving and No Disturbing Setting
Easy Contact

How to Use the Smartwatch ?

First, you can use SOS button on the left side,  just press and hold about 3-5 seconds, and it will show the number to dial. Meanwhile, it will send a message to the App to inform you that you are using SOS button. Second, you need to make phone call to your friends or the one you want to call, just press No.2 button on the right side, it will show phone book for you, then you can choose one to press 1 for calling. For cancelling the call, just press the power button between Button 1 and Button 2. Third, Push To Talk or Voice Message,  you can also record the voice to send message with 15 seconds maximum on your phone, and your kids get the message by pressing SOS button to play, after it is played, the message will be deleted automatically, if the kids wants to reply by voice message, just press and hold the power button, and then start to record, release the power button to send out the voice message.


Although when I get this Q50 kids smartwatch, we met the problem about how to connect the phone to set up in App, anyway, problems have been solve, right now my kid uses it very well, love the pink one, after all it is a very cheap GPS smartwatch, costing at $26.6 by using coupon code: TWITTER from Gearbest, by the way, it has English and Russian version for wider choice.

Update on Jan.19. 2018:
Use coupon code:  Q50watch  to catch Q50 smartwatch at only 15.99 usd.


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