QacQoc GN30H: An Aluminium alloy USB C Hub, that features all you might ever need (with real images and video)


I guess you all have a USB hub for your laptop or pc, which you can connect it with many external devices. But I guess the hub you have connects to a regular USB Type A port that your laptop has. But if you don’t have a USB Type A port and you want to connect a lot of devices with your laptop, then what you do? I, for example have a Chuwi Hi10 Plus, which has only a USB Type C port and nothing else. I search around and found a great solution from QacQoc. The solutions name is QacQoc GN30H and is a multi USB hub that features all you might ever want from a hub and not only!

The QacQoc GN30H came to me from Aliexpress e-store of the company. It came with post inside a protective bag. Opening it, came across a black elegant box, with a design of the USB hub on it and with the name of the firm on the top left corner. At the back side of the box, we can find information about the company.

Opening the box, inside we can find the USB hub, a manual in English and a beautiful pouch from velvet, to keep in your hub and protect it from hits and dust.

As you can see the QacQoc GN30H USB hub comes with a silver color and a luxurious look. On the back side you can see info for the company. The hub comes with a small cable attached on it which ends at a USB hub type C. IF you check at the company page says that is mainly for Macbook, but you can use it at any device that features type C port, like my Chuwi Hi10 Plus.

The QacQoc GN30H USB hub features one HDMI port, one Gigabit RJ45 port, 3 x USB 3.0 ports, one SD card slot and a MicroSD card slot. To be honest I haven’t seen an other USB hub to features so many different things. I’m sure you will find many uses for the hub.

So you can use the LAN port to connect your device with the internet or you can use the three USB hub 3.0. With the card slot you can read your external cards and transfer all your data fast and securely. You can check the video that follows in order to see how it works with my Chuwi Hi10 Plus tablet. The hub features an HDMI port, that at least at my Chuwi didn’t work because needed some driver to be recognized by the system. You can check at yours and tell us here to know.

As you can see and from the video, you can use the QacQoc GN30H USB hub easily and with any device that features a Type C usb port. You can find it from the e-shop of the QacQoc at a much lower price for the next days as it is in flash sales, so hurry up and get it now, as a gift for Christmas! Also during the period of 12 – 14 of December, the QacQoc GN30H hub will be in even lower price and you will find it for only 59$!


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