QCY HT03 TWS Earbuds Sales at $29.28 [Super Sale]


Nowadays, Bluetooth headsets can be said everywhere, but when it comes to cost-effectiveness, I still like the QCY HT03 Bluetooth headset. The following editor will introduce to you the QCY HT03 Bluetooth headset is it easy to use? How about QCY HT03 Bluetooth headset?

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The appearance of QCY HT03 charging box is designed with a cobblestone shape, especially the round shape of the charging box with the matte surface treatment, whether it is held in the hand or put into a jeans pocket, it is quite comfortable. On the back of the charging box, you can see the pairing button of the HT03 charging box, and at the bottom of the charging box, a USB Type-C charging interface is used.

In addition, this high-gloss + glitter design is not only used on the headphone body, but also on the headphone box. Compared with products with only high-gloss materials in the same price range, the look and feel is indeed better. The earphone box adopts a relatively unique streamlined body design, which feels more rounded in the palm of your hand, and there is a faint “QCY” logo printed on the top, which is quite low-key.

Noise Reduction

This noise reduction depth performance is basically the level of mid-to-high-end noise reduction headphones, and the actual experience performance is also within an acceptable range. In the face of some relatively low-frequency sounds, the QCY HT03 can completely cancel the sound, while the mid-high frequency part can not be said to be completely eliminated, but it has also been weakened to a certain extent. When combined with music sound coverage, the quietness is basically enough.

Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, the HT03 is equipped with a 10mm moving coil speaker, and the high, medium and low tri-bands are relatively balanced, but not particularly good. The surprising thing is that the sound field of the QCY HT03 is relatively open, which is quite rare in low-priced earphones.


The exclusive APP provided by QCY HT03 can also provide a pop-up function after installation and pairing to quickly check the current power of the headset. However, the pop-up window function currently only supports Android phones. Although Apple devices can customize gesture operations like Android devices after installing the APP, the pop-up window is still a small benefit.


For battery life, QCY HT03 can provide 6 hours of single battery life when ANC noise reduction is turned off, 24 hours when used with the earphone box, 5 hours and 20 hours after ANC noise reduction is turned on, which is normal. play level.

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Verdict & Buy

In terms of the overall experience of using the QCY HT03 earphones measured at present, it is quite sweet in terms of price. It is indeed a true wireless Bluetooth earphone with quite a lot of functions and in terms of sound quality. In terms of use, it is a true wireless Bluetooth headset that can meet daily needs. Whether you want ANC noise reduction, a transparent mode for listening to ambient sounds, or even want to enjoy an ultra-low latency gaming experience, QCY HT03 can provide you with it. You can grab it now on AliExpress for just $29.28 on a Super sale. Click the following button to order now:

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