QCY QQ1000 Mini Wireless Bluetooth 3D Stereo 2Pcs Speaker For Just $49.89 at DD4 in Flash Sale


This pair of QCY QQ1000 Mini Wireless Bluetooth 3D Stereo Speaker features Unique 60 Degree Incline Angle, makes it easier for sound to travel directly to your ear, providing you with lossless sound enjoyment. 52mm Large Moving Coil provides you with impressively bright, crisp and clear sound, enjoy high-quality Hi-Fi Sound effect.

Rotating Light will change when you adjust the volume, more fun. And when you play music, there will be a soft and charming blue ring, spicing up your music enjoyment. Built-in Li-Ion 950 mAh Rechargeable Battery for up to incredible 10-hour continuous play time on a single full charge. Enjoy wonderful music anywhere anytime with this pair of 3D Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speakers.

Portable speakers are loudspeakers which receive audio signals using radio frequency (RF) waves rather than over audio cables. The two most popular RF frequencies that support audio transmission to wireless loudspeakers include a variation of WiFi IEEE 802.11 while others depend on Bluetooth to transmit audio data to the receiving speaker.

QCY is betting heavily on designing headphones and speakers with really interesting aesthetics, especially in comparison with the rest of the models and companies that swim in this immense catalog. On this occasion, QCY QQ1000 Mini – Bluetooth Speaker introduces a 3D sound through TWS wireless technology ( True Wireless Stereo ) and an arrangement of two separate speakers that unify the same sound, being able to conveniently distribute the audio output in order to improve the sound distribution according to the situation or environment.

The grace of this small Bluetooth speaker is the portability and lightness that it implies: each speaker fits in one hand. This makes it easy to take it everywhere to set all kinds of moments. But transportability must also translate into better autonomy. Does QCY QQ1000 Mini – Bluetooth Speaker comply with this aspect? Of course.

The 950 mAh battery allows a music playback of up to 10 hours (depending on the intensity of the set volume). When using Bluetooth 4.2 connection, the compatibility and stability with all types of mobile and wireless multimedia playback devices are more than guaranteed: it does not matter if it is Android, iOS or Windows. We can buy QCY QQ1000 Mini Wireless Bluetooth 3D Stereo Speaker from DD4 Store at $49.89 in Flash Sale


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