QICYCLE 12 inch Wheels Children Bicycle from Xiaomi Mijia Review: Now Sale in Gearbest For Just $199.99 (Coupon inside)


The last product to be presented has been the Xiaomi Qicycle Children. This children’s bike is made by Riding Technology Co, who created the Xiaomi Qicycle last year, Xiaomi’s electric bicycle. This new bicycle for children is designed to the smallest detail to protect the youngest. Xiaomi Qicycle Children Bike is the debutant Xiaomi in the category “children’s bike”. You will not find in it any electronic components or the ability to synchronize with your smartphone. But these functions are not necessary for your child, are they? This is a normal bike with a high level of safety.

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Design & Features

The bike is made of high-quality materials. There are no sharp edges on the frame. Handles are equipped with a non-slip base. The attachment to the chain is securely protected, your child will not be injured. The seat has a shape with a special damping effect to ensure the safety of the child’s spine. On the handlebar, there is a rear parking brake lever, which allows you to brake without any jerking. A bicycle can withstand a weight of up to 25 kg.

Even a two-year-old child can use this bicycle. After all, this bicycle is a kind of transformer. If your child who cannot ride with pedals wants to use it, you just shoot them. This will allow you to begin teaching the child to ride a bicycle before, and first of all will teach him to keep his balance. When you understand that your child is confident enough to keep his balance, you can return the pedals back within 5 minutes and start learning in a new way with the pedals.

To give the child a truly happy childhood has become much easier, with the two-wheeled pedigree bike Qicycle Children Bike! The child will actively spend his time with joy, as the designers have developed a bicycle that will not only be convenient but also taking into account the safety features.

For an easy and painless ride on the Qicycle Children Bike, initially disconnect the pedals that your child has tried to move on a bicycle by pushing his feet off the road, thereby – cycling will help to feel the peculiarity of the ride and learn to keep balance. Begin training can be from the age of 2 years, of course, under the supervision of parents.


Xiaomi Qicycle Children Bike will be an ideal friend for your child and give him a lot of positive emotions. Thoughtful ergonomics will protect you from wounds, and will also allow you to start learning from early childhood. In general, Xiaomi manufactured a high-quality bicycle with a bright and practical design. Right Now Xiaomi Qicycle Children Bike Sale on Gearbest at $199.99 after using this Coupon Code: GBJUNEZT31


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