QS 80 Heart Rate Bluetooth Sport Wristband Bracelet Design, Features Review


QS80 comes with optical HEART RATE monitoring and BLOOD PRESSURE detection and is constructed with touch screen display. Check the accurate data at any time which effectively keep the track of your health status.


The QS80 design gives a full consideration of the needs of youth personality changing wristband color to suit your current mood and feeling. From the selection of material to the softness of skin fitted control with safe-imported premium materials. Zero sense to wear it comfortable. The smart band has a similar sporty look to that of the ID107 and i6 smart band. A smart band where the curve body is embedded on the silicon strap, that is interchangeable, the band has a 0.42 inch OLED screen that provides wide display output. It’s a sporty band that is available in several colors like black, orange red, purple, blue and coffee. It is also IP67 waterproof so no worries using it during shower or swimming.


The smart band is powered by Nordic51822 chip and with different sensors such as accelerometer for pedometer, heart rate monitor as well as blood pressure monitor. Other features include sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, calorie consumption calculation, movement mileage record, QQ, WeChat, Facebook, WhatsApp and other reminders. With 70 mAh battery, the smart band has a standby time of 20 days.


QS80 is a pretty good fitness tracker with a price tag of $22.82 It has heart rate monitoring, pedometer to track your steps and sleep monitoring. This IP67 certified band is available on CAFAGO.


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