Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon VR820 VR Headset at IFA 2016


At IFA 2016, Qualcomm showed Snapdragon VR820 headset. Users have tested it to find VR820 very clear with 4K screen, and more clear than HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. And it has the other feature that it is wireless. There are two cameras on the front without adding the extra sensor or hardware which can provide space tracking and gesture sensor function. Intel has also released ProjectAlloy VR headset with the same function. In technology, Intel provides developer tool with more powerful function. There is one difference between Snapdragon VR820 VR headset and Project Alloy that we can test the headset truly and Qualcomm will cooperate with other partners to release the Headset in two months.


How about Snapdragon VR820? It has performed well in the company. Wearing the headset, we can see the squid which can move in the real space without controller and wire, tracking movements without any mistakes and delaying. And it makes users feel very comfortable. The most feature is the 4K screen which is more clear than HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in screen resolution.


Qualcomm has limited samples without interaction function. They can’t show the gesture motion function of this VR headset. When testing it, the environment is not ideal, the test space is not empty totally, because Qualcomm chooses a interviewer reception, we can only stand to test it without one arm distance. Finally, it can still be used well in the complicated environment.

By the way, we can see this headset is not designed for users but for encourage the developer, engineer to show what Qualcomm can do. Once developers and engineer trust, they may choose Qualcomm’s hardware. Qualcomm hope to occupy some parts of market share of VR. That’s the goal that they released Snapdragon VR820.


In conclusion, Snapdragon VR820 has its merits and demerits. The merits includes 4K screen, space tracking technology, wireless design. And its demerits contains the demo is a little simple, only for reference, not official for sale.


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