Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Geekbench Points: First Time All Secret Want to Know Are Here


In December 2017, Qualcomm officially released the flagship chip Snapdragon 845 in Hawaii, when Qualcomm touted at the conference, people are very much looking forward to this 2018 Android flagship standard mobile platform.

According to the information released last year, this generation of Snapdragon 845 is still based on the Samsung foundry 10nm process technology, equipped with Kryo 385 CPU, 2MB cache, consisting of four 2.8GHz core A75 and four 1.8GHz core A53, of which the performance of large nuclear than the previous generation increased by 25% -30%, small nuclear performance increased by 15%. The GPU upgrade to Adreno 630, Qualcomm GPU performance and energy efficiency up to 30%, display throughput up 2.5x; Integrated Spectra 280 ISP with support for 4K 60fps video Shooting; support LPDDR4X 1866MHz up to 8GB capacity.

In this case, in fact, it is still difficult to perceive the specific performance of Snapdragon 845. After all, still have to run a minute to see. Fenghuang technology currently got the Snapdragon 845 Geekbench data, the test equipment is equipped with 6GB of Ram memory, and Android 8.0 system Qualcomm engineering prototype.

It’s CPU core score of 2448+ and multi-core 8454 is higher than that of Samsung Note 8 equipped with Snapdragon 835. However, compared to Apple A11 (GeekBench single-core 4000+, multi-core 10000+), Snapdragon 845 is still at a disadvantage.

Take a look at the domestic mobile phone enthusiasts are more familiar with Antutu test results – Snapdragon 845 obtain 267288, close to 270,000 points, and usually equipped with Snapdragon 835 points about 200,000. In comparison, the overall performance Snapdragon 845 is still quite obvious.

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In addition @ Song x3 digital bloggers posted on the Weibo Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, Kirin 970, Snapdragon 835, Samsung Exynos 8895, Apple A11 GeekBench points comparison and it is shown that the current Snapdragon 845 only lags behind the Apple A11 processing Device.

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