R1 Rollable Keyboard Build-in Bluetooth Speaker Review Now Sale on @Geekbuying For Just $42.99


In the Geekbuying store, there are frequent promotions involving more devices. However, individual products are sometimes overestimated. And if it’s something interesting, it’s worth mentioning. And you can not hide that the overrated R1 Rollable Keyboard Arc is a very interesting gadget. What exactly are you talking about here? R1 Rollable Keyboard Arc is a keyboard and speaker (2x 2W) in one. Uses Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, has 64 keys and is compatible with devices running Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows.


R1 Rollable has Creative Design Rolling keyboard, very convenient to pick up, easy to carry, and the speaker is also very special, it can work together for a no keyboard machine, and it can also work separately. Both the keyboard and the speaker are very mini but enough to satisfy you, very convenient portable 2 in 1 rolling keyboard with the speaker. New designed super 2 in 1 wireless keyboard with speaker, they have separate batteries, they can work together and they also work separately.


The range is 8-10 meters and the built-in battery allows you to work a few days. Due to the easy folding and dimensions of 250 x 40 x 25 mm, the whole is very mobile and will be great for trips. the keyboard can work for 3 days, and the speaker can work for 6-8 hours. R1 Rollable Compatible with 3 Operating systems Perfect for Windows PC(need Bluetooth dongle), IOS and Android products, you can change the compatibility as you want by the shortcut key.


Unlike other portable keyboards which roll lengthways, the R1 Rollable keyboard folds along the four key rows to create an easy-to-carry ‘stick’ that fits snugly into a pocket, purse or briefcase. When required, simply roll out the keyboard to use with your smartphone or tablet for a more pleasing typing experience compared to a virtual on-screen keyboard. You can buy from Geekbuying. Using the discount code: R1KYBD the cost will now be only $42.99


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