Remote Controlled Inflatable Shark, Clown Baloon Fish


The gadget industry has always been developing new ways and techniques to entertain its huge consumer base. With the invention Remote Controlled electronics it has been integrated in many face of consumer electronics. Its due to inventions such as these we have gadgets like RC Inflatable Shark Baloon.

The world’s most awesome Balloon / Airship / fish-ship! Air Swimmers amazing fish that literally float in the air. You finish up, down, and control at 360 degrees with a simple infrared remote control. Children and adults will have a blast roaming their homes, offices, and parties with a smooth and realistic flight Air Swimmers.

Two buttons easy to operate remote = Remote Control Air Swimmer has two rocker buttons that control the height of the balloon and tail movements. Propel your fish wagging its tail fin to the left and to the right. Hold down the button on one side for quick turns. To adjust the height of your air swimmer, click the “Dive” or “climbing” button. It moves along the track signal receiver on the underside of the fish.This shift in weight causes the swimmer air, to raise or lower the air.

These  large highly helium Air Swimmers balloons equipped with remote-controlled tail fins that allow to move them through the air, as if they are floating in the sea. You can even raise or lower the 57-inch” balls “in the middle air with the remote control. Get yours here .
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