Razer Releases BIOS Update 2.02 for Blade 18 games


Razer today released BIOS 2.02 and GeForce 531.18 updates for the Blade 18 game book, fixing the issue of not supporting G-Sync and MUX when connecting external monitors.

After installing the Nvidia 528.49 driver update, the Razer Blade 18 RTX 4070 no longer supports G-Sync with an external monitor, and the DLSS 3’s performance output is significantly reduced.

Razer also rolled out a GeForce 531.18 panel update today that fixes flickering screen issues. However, Razer has yet to fix the DLSS 3, which has significantly reduced performance on the external monitor of the Soulblade 18 game.

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Razer said it is still investigating the issue and will provide an update as soon as possible. Soulblade 18 users who don’t run DLSS 3-enabled games on an external monitor need not worry.


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