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The Wingsland S6 RC Quadcopter is the crown jewel between the drones. Featuring an extremely compact design, 4K camera and the latest version of the software there is nothing that this drone can not do, For the best price look at Rcmoment before its gone,

WINGSLAND S6 RC Quadcopter

Wingsland S6 Pocket Selfies Drone 4K WiFi FPV Drone Wingsland S6 Premium Camera 4K WiFi FPV The Wingsland S6 Premium is the best of drones sector, being among the thinner and more compact drones 4K in the world. Featuring an extremely compact design and weighing only 230 grams, the Wingsland S6 Premium drone holds about the same size as an iPhone 6. Its folding propellers make this small drone even more portable, as it can be easily carried without a needle Worry about damaging the blades or damaging the device. Featuring a fascinating 4K camera, tons of other high-end hardware, and the ability to upgrade the device with numerous accessories, the Wingsland S6 is really a drone that goes beyond the global industry. Thanks to the latest software, this quadcopter can fly in a variety of ways that will attract your attention. The ‘SEGUI’ mode allows the drone to move automatically by connecting to the mobile device, allowing you to record yourself or others riding a bike, Skateboarding, or practicing sports without even having to control. In addition, the Wingsland S6 drone allows you to set a point of interest that the drone will follow or can orbit around. Featuring four different flying modes, you can be sure that this high-end drone fits in the flying style of anyone, beginners, and
professionals! With its removable 1400mAh battery, this drone can fly for 9 minutes in a row before staying short, Providing enough time to explore the territory and take pictures and record videos in 4K. Thanks to its “Homecoming” mode you can be certain that the drone will automatically find the way to reach the controller when the battery is running out, ensuring that the drone will never be out of battery while it is in flight. With the take-off and landing capabilities, the Wingsland S6 drone allows you to take pictures without having to worry about taking off or landing, significantly reducing the risk of damage to your drone. Its folding design also makes
this professional drone easy to carry with it without the risk of being damaged. With a range of up to 100 meters, the Wingsland S6 is fully capable of exploring the ” Surrounding environment in length and width. Supporting both Wi-Fi and FPV connectivity, this drone allows synchronizing with virtual reality glasses, giving you a
first-hand flying experience. Reaching at speeds up to 8 m / s you will be able to move quickly in short distance by recording 4K movies. This drone also lets you take beautiful panoramic images by rotating 360 degrees and taking 12 high quality photos with its 13 MP camera. In addition to all the capabilities that this magnificent
drone has, it can also be equipped with multiple external gadgets. The problem of the oxen can be solved by mounting a drill at the top of the drone. In addition, a mini toy gun can be connected to this drone to give you unlimited hours of entertainment and fun. Key Features – Featuring an extremely lightweight, compact folding
design, this drone can be transported without risk of damage. – Take great 4K images and video with the built-in 13MB camera – This premium drone allows you to enjoy countless unique features – Add extra accessories such as a flashlight or a mini toy gun


the latest hardware and software from this drone premium Allows you to enjoy countless unique features attach accessories such as a search light, T he Wingsland S6 is the flagship of the drone industry, being among the thinnest and most compact 4K drones in the world Which comes with the latest drone technology.Rcmoment gave it on Flash Sale with coupon code: WGS6 Price will be $279.99


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