Realme Book Notebook Review: i5-1135G7, 65W Fast Charge


Realme Book Laptop uses a 14-inch screen, 3:2 golden ratio, 2160*1440 resolution, 100% sRGB and a peak brightness of up to 400nit , which is very competitive.

The addition of Intel’s 11th generation Core i5-1135G7 processor makes it possible for realme Book’s main high-performance interconnected office. With Intel Iris Xe graphics, 16GB dual-pass memory, and 512GB PCIe solid-state hard drive , the performance has reached the mainstream level. The 14.9mm ultra-thin metal body and the weight of 1.48kg (1.38kg for the 8G version) make the realme Book very portable, and the 65W PD fast charge provides battery life protection for the slim body.

Realme Book’s main multi-screen interconnection function is also a current trend of notebooks. It can make mobile phones and computers communicate with each other without barriers. Users can drag and drop files as they wish, which truly eliminates the barrier between mobile phones and computers and improves office efficiency. In addition, dual heat pipes, dual fan cooling, DTS high-definition stereo dual speakers, dual AI microphones, and 720P cameras have all fallen.

The following is the specific configuration of Realme Book:


The realme Book adopts an all-metal body design, CNC diamond cutting process and sandblasting process. It has a good integration, a warm and smooth hand, and is not easy to be contaminated with fingerprints and dust.

The A-side design is simple and generous, with only realme logo decoration. Since the left and right borders are only 5.3mm, the screen-to-body ratio of the realme Book has reached 90%. The original 13-inch volume just squeezed a 14-inch screen, and the visual impression was good.

The 3:2 screen ratio is larger than the 16:9 ratio. The vertical content display space is larger and the display content is more. It also has 7.4% more display area than the traditional ratio screen.

2160*1440 resolution display effect is exquisite, 100% sRGB color gamut, fuller color, 1500:1 contrast and 400nits peak brightness , it is very friendly to work needs such as retouching and video editing.

The large keycap keyboard is used on the B side of the computer, and the third-level backlight brightness is not glaring. Due to the overall ultra-thin design of the body, the keyboard keystroke is only 1.3mm, and the response is fast but the rebound force is relatively average.

The super-sized touchpad is responsive, and the Microsoft PTP control technology is fully reflected on this touchpad. The feedback of the two-in-one power fingerprint button is moderate, and there is a crisp rattle after pressing it. It is not a completely touch design. This is a good comment.

The D side of the computer is a common large air outlet. The inside is designed with double copper pipes and dual fans. There is a whole rubber strip on the upper side of the air outlet, and two shorter rubber strips are distributed on the bottom side. The support height is good. Long-term use of heat is quickly discharged, and the rubber material can also prevent slippage.

On the left side of the laptop is a full-speed Thunderbolt 4 interface and a Type-C interface, and in the middle of the interface is a white light power indicator. On the right side of the fuselage is a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB Type-A interface.

In terms of details, although it is the first notebook of Realme, the performance of Realme Book is quite sophisticated, and the body is fully fitted with the screen and tightly stitched. There is not much to blame.

The excellent overall design is more in line with the tastes of young people. Although the fuselage has few interfaces, considering its positioning, it is within an acceptable range.


Office notebooks can shrink everywhere, but screen shrinking is the most unacceptable. Realme Book’s screen supports 100% sRGB color gamut. Let’s take a look at the actual test results.

The test tool is Spyder X, the realme Book’s screen is 100% sRGB color gamut accurate, the tone response almost coincides with the luminosity 2.2 curve, and the tone response is excellent.

Generally speaking, the Delta-E value of the screen of an ordinary notebook is around 2.00, and the smaller the value, the more accurate the color accuracy. The Delta-E average value of the realme Book is 1.45 , which is close to the value range of professional monitors, which is very rare in thin and light notebooks.

Realme Book’s 100% sRGB color gamut, coupled with excellent tone response and color accuracy, has improved the quality of the realme Book a lot. With the resolution of 2160*1440, it is just a little overkill for light office.

Hardware & Performance

For productivity notebooks, too much pursuit of thinness and portability tends to suppress the configuration extremely low. Realme Book is equipped with i5-1135G7 processor, 10nm process technology, 4 cores 8 threads, turbo frequency 4.2GHz. Such a high frequency is rare in productivity notebooks, let’s take a look at the actual test.

CineBench R20

In the Cinebench R20 test, the i5-1135G7 has a single-core score of 473 points and a multi-core score of 2000 points. This data is very close to the high-performance i5-10300H.


The processor of a thin and light notebook wants to have stronger performance. TDP is one of the decisive factors. Even if the TDP is too low, even the strongest performance cannot be achieved. The 28W TDP of the i5-1135G7 scores 14135 points in chess, which is equivalent. Not bad.

Hardware dog

Hardware Dog Dog is a hardware detection and performance testing software produced by Kuai Technology. In the test, the realme Book’s processor score was 63444 points, the graphics card score was 30,000 points, the memory score was 66410 points, and the hard disk score was 37930 points. With a score of 197784 points, it can already exceed 60% of users.

Such a score is more than enough to meet the general office needs, even the general intensity of the game needs can be met.

Disk performance test

In the AS SSD Benchmark, the realme Book’s hard disk score is 3711 points, and the sequential read and write exceeds 2300MB/s and 1700MB/s. In the CrystalDiskMark test, the sequential read and write speeds reached 3087MB/s and 1866MB/s, respectively.

“League of Legends” game test

For thin and light notebooks, games are basically the last demand, but occasional entertainment is still necessary.

In the test, the extremely high image quality and character stroke are turned on at 2K resolution, the line frame number is stable at about 150 frames, and the team battle frame number is also maintained at about 100 frames, which is quite good data for the game.

During the game, the temperature of the notebook increased slightly. The maximum temperature of the processor was 78°C, and the maximum temperature of the hard disk was 53°C. For a thin and light notebook, this temperature is outstanding.


Battery life is particularly important for a notebook that can be picked up and left at any time but also takes into account productivity. The battery capacity of the realme Book is 54Wh and the charging power is 65W.

In the actual test, using Word and Excel connected to Wi-Fi to work normally, the battery life is about 8 hours.

After the battery usage mode is adjusted to the best performance and the full load roaster is turned on, the standby time is 1 hour and 50 minutes.

The 65W charging power is quite high for a notebook. In the actual test, the battery is charged at 11% for 5 minutes, 43% for 30 minutes, 63% for 45 minutes, and the battery is fully charged in 77 minutes.

Similar to the mobile phone charging strategy, the realme Book’s first five minutes of charging reaches 11% very quickly, and it can be charged to 43% in 30 minutes, but the charging speed is slightly reduced in the later period due to the battery protection mechanism. Considering the battery life of the realme Book, charging for 30 minutes can support half a day’s office needs.

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As the first work of realme to enter the notebook market, realme Book does not appear to be intimidating. The tuning of the i5-1135G7 processor is quite good. The 16GB of memory and 512GB of large-capacity hard drive appear to be sincere , daily games and entertainment, and office at any time. Realme Book can provide strong support.

It also does not use the so-called “independent display” such as the MX450 as a gimmick. In a thin and light notebook, they can bring very limited performance, but they will eat up the tight internal space and affect the battery life. Therefore, realme only uses the Intel Iris Xe. The core display, the overall power consumption, temperature control is more appropriate , the performance is also sufficient for daily use, office, light games are no problem, you can freely switch between office and entertainment.

In addition, the excellent design makes the realme Book extremely portable . It is not easy to fit a 14-inch 2K resolution screen into a 13-inch body .

It is this excellent screen that allows realme Book to be used as a full-body creativity tool, and its excellent battery life also effectively supports powerful hardware.

At the same time, the 54Wh battery and 65W fast charge do not have any anxiety when using the realme Book. You can charge the computer to 50% of the power during breakfast, which is almost full of convenience.

If you have to pick out something wrong, it is that the number of interfaces of the realme Book is too small, of course, more will destroy the overall harmony of the fuselage.

In general, if the full score is 100, the performance of Realme Book can get a high score of 90 points or more. Although the body limits the scalability, the multiple excellent performances of performance, screen, appearance, and battery life are enough to make up for the lack of scalability. Disadvantages.

In terms of selling price, i5+8GB+512GB is 4299 yuan, i5+16GB+512GB is 4699 yuan, the latter will be off 400 yuan during the first sale, and the price is only 4299 yuan, which is the same price as the 8GB memory version. Competitiveness.

If you are in need of a laptop that does not have to worry about battery power, has good performance, and has a fine screen display, you can take the realme Book into consideration.


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