Realme GT Neo 5: A Review of the Latest Flagship Smartphone


Realme did not rush to launch the first wave of Snapdragon 8Gen2 flagship phones this year, and even now has not released any news about the upcoming Snapdragon 8Gen2 products, which is a bit puzzling. After all, it was the second model to bring Snapdragon 8Gen1 last year. Brand, although the first release seems useless now, the popularity is really missed.

However, realme seems to have its own strategy. Compared with Snapdragon 8Gen2, which is either first or exclusive, realme has brought a 240W fast charge with a more “first and exclusive” attribute. This number is definitely the stable first when it comes to current mobile phones. one.

But in fact, when the fast charging reaches 200W and within 10 minutes, the marginal effect is highlighted, and the timing experience brought by it is not much different for users, that is to say, manufacturers and the media will desperately pursue 200W and 210W. Which point has higher power than 240W, and which one is charged in a few seconds first, which is probably equivalent to the effort of 98, 99, and then 100?

Next, let’s take a look at the detailed review. According to the usual practice, let’s take a look at the configuration details of the Realme GT Neo 5. The version we got is 240W fast charge, 16+1T version storage, so the following content is based on this version. speak:

Design and Appearance

Realme GT Neo 5 has also replaced the previous packaging box this time, which is a new look for the new year. The whole appearance seems to abandon yellow, and use black as the main color, highlighting the purple, and the model name is also printed on the purple seal. , In addition, the words 240W, as the biggest selling point of the machine, are also branded under the model.

(It should be noted here that the packaging box of GT Neo5 is made of a special material, which is easily stained with fingerprints and cannot be wiped off after sticking to it. This makes us unprepared and can only shoot such an appearance packaging box up.)  The inside of the mobile phone box is also equipped with a data cable, charging head, and mobile phone case. The 240W fast charging of Realme GT Neo 5 not only charges the mobile phone quickly but also achieves an excellent experience without increasing the size of the charging head. The size is also similar to that of a traditional 120W fast charging head, and it really does increase the quantity without increasing the price, which is commendable.

On the screen, Realme GT Neo 5 is equipped with a straight screen as standard this time. The specific parameters are a 6.74-inch 144Hz straight screen, which supports a 7-speed smart refresh rate, 2772×1240 resolution, 1.07 billion colors, 1400nit peak brightness, 100 P3 Wide color gamut, 93.69% screen-to-body ratio, 2.31mm ultra-narrow chin, 2160Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming, supports sunlight screen, 8196-level dimming, and eye protection mode.

1.5K resolution + 144Hz high refresh rate and 2160PWM dimming. In terms of parameters, the daily use of this screen is no problem at all. Some parameters even surpass the level of flagship phones. Sub-flagship products are getting more and more popular.

In terms of lens configuration, Realme GT Neo 5 uses a three-camera lens combination. The three lenses are the Sony IMX890 50-megapixel main camera, the IMX355 112° ultra-wide-angle 8-megapixel camera, and the GC02M1 microscope lens with 2 Megapixels. The front camera is 16 Megapixels.

On the whole, apart from the upgrade of the main camera, everything else is average. After all, the screen, fast charging, and processor are good enough. There are always some trade-offs. As a sub-flagship, the lens is the most common part that is discarded.

The Realme GT Neo series can always have something new in terms of lens layout and rear shell color matching. This time Realme GT Neo5 brings a transparent RGB design, which is officially called the awakening halo system. The rear shell of the fuselage adopts It is made of a complete piece of glass, and the new generation of diffuse reflection AG glass technology balances the frosted texture and feel.

The lens part is composed of a metal camera DECO and a fully transparent performance deconstruction design. The transparent area can display the real deconstruction layout inside the fuselage, including NFC coils, RGB light strips, motherboard positioning screws, etc. In addition, the center position is also specially customized The Snapdragon 8+ nameplate with a stainless steel chip allows it to reveal a distinctive technical luster under the light.

It is not the first time that a transparent body has appeared on a mobile phone, but it is the first time that a semi-transparent + lens module connection design like Realme GT Neo 5 is. Now the mobile phone lens modules are getting bigger and bigger. There are quite a few, but some flagships lack the joint name of the flagship machine, and the logo is weaker. Real Wo GT Neo5 provides a good idea this time, and maybe we can see similar ones on other products in the future design.

GT Neo 5 Hardware

This score is the score that you can run after you get it. Everyone is familiar with the Snapdragon 8+. Compared with the overturn of the Snapdragon 8Gen1, the reputation and the market of the Snapdragon 8+ have earned back after replacing TSMC’s 4nm process. In fact, its lifespan is not long, even half a year without Snapdragon 8Gen2, it may be a bad thing for Qualcomm, but it is definitely a good thing for the market, so last year’s GT Neo3 still used Dimensity As for the 8100, the Snapdragon 8+ has been further used this year. We can also buy a mobile phone with more outstanding performance at the same or even lower price.


Although the positioning is not a gaming phone, with the blessing of Snapdragon 8+ and realme products, the game performance will naturally not be too bad.

After actual measurement, under the conditions of full HD + 60 frame quality + GT mode on the mobile phone, the power consumption of the mobile phone is 20% during the 30-minute game time of “Yuan Shen”, the maximum temperature of the front of the mobile phone screen is 52.1, and the maximum temperature of the rear case is 47.6, The indoor temperature is about 26 degrees with the air conditioner on.

In terms of game frame rate, the average frame rate of “Yuan Shen” was 58.55 in Xiaomi Kite’s 30-minute test. Here is the issue with the frame rate. The realme mobile phone must turn on the GT mode before the frame rate of “Yuanshin God” can reach the 60 frames adjusted in the game settings. Otherwise, even if you open it in the game, The system will still limit the frame rate to 30 frames, and it is best to turn on the high-performance mode of the battery.

In another test project of “Peace Elite”, the game time is 30 minutes, the game quality is smooth + 60 frame mode, the system also turns on the GT mode, and the battery is also turned on in a high-performance state. The power consumption of Realme GT Neo 5 is 9%, in terms of frame rate, it can be seen from the picture that 60 frames is almost a straight line. The last frame drop is because I restarted the game after I finished the box.

The 60-frame “Peace Elite” can be said to be a sledgehammer for the Snapdragon 8+, and it is no problem to eat it. Of course, I still hope to adapt to the 90-frame game experience as soon as possible.

Finally, let’s talk about power consumption. In two games, one is 20% and the other is 9%. Because “Peace Elite” is a 60-frame game experience, there is nothing to say about this power consumption. But “Yuan Shen”, 20% power consumption is absolute and can be regarded as a big player. The 240W fast-charging version of the realme GT Neo 5 in our hands has a battery capacity of 4600mAh, and the 20% power consumption is still relatively high. Here we hope that the follow-up system upgrade will bring improvement.


After the power consumption of the game, let’s watch the other two big power-hungry movies and short videos. After playing the movie for an hour, the battery of Realme GT Neo5 dropped from 66% to 61%, the power consumption was 5%, and the video brightness was adjusted to The highest, tested in speaker mode.

After 30 minutes of Douyin playback, the battery consumption of Realme GT Neo5 is 5%, the brightness is also adjusted to the highest level, and the test is performed in external playback mode.

Compared with the game side, the video performance of the Realme GT Neo 5 is very good. It consumes 5% of the power consumption, which is also the normal performance of most mobile phones. You can spend less time in this aspect in daily use.

Next, let’s look at the most important part of the Realme GT Neo 5, which is also the 240W fast charge that the official has been frantically mentioning before the release, during the warm-up stage, and at the press conference. In terms of power alone, this is indeed the current The C-mount charger is the highest, so it must shorten the fast charging time to less than 10 minutes. The official said that the fast charging has entered the countdown stage during warm-up, but normal users may not say that the unit is per second. To see its fast charging experience, we extended this time to per minute.

Starting from 5% of the remaining power of the mobile phone, it can be charged to 17% in 1 minute, 31% in 2 minutes, and 45% in 3 minutes. From the whole chart, the power of 10% is basically increasing every minute. , the whole phone takes 9 minutes and 19 seconds to fully charge. We have gone through many tests, and the fastest time is only this time. Of course, it is not ruled out that the official or other media can definitely shorten this test time to less than 9 minutes. , but since it is already in single digits, the experience of more than ten seconds is definitely not a sense of improvement for users, and it is only more important for the technology media and the manufacturer’s own publicity.

When the fast charging time can reach single digits within 10 minutes, further improvement can only bring about digital pursuits, and the improvement in experience is very low, but it is worthwhile for realme to have such courage and courage Praise, but also hope that this 240W fast charging can be used on OnePlus and OPPO’s flagship phones as soon as possible.

Cameras Result of GT Neo 5

When we looked at the mobile phone parameters above, the biggest change in the image of Realme GT Neo5 is that the main camera has been upgraded to IMX890, which has a 1/1.56-inch outsole, f/1.88 aperture, and supports OIS+EIS dual anti-shake. The other two The super wide-angle and microscope can basically be ignored. The main thing is the effect of the new main camera. Let’s take a look at the proofs.

From the proofs, it can be seen that the photo effect of Realme GT Neo 5 is relatively good for the restoration of weather and color tone. Everyone abandoned the previous strategy of saturation fighters and used it practically. According to the policy, the color scale of the sky also changes very naturally, but the light of the leaves seems to be a bit overexposed, but when you look at the trunk at the root of it at this time, you still feel the unique sense of vicissitudes of trees of.

In addition to hardware, there is also software for taking photos. Realme GT Neo5 has added a new upgraded HyperShot 2.0 image architecture to the mobile phone, and there is also Turbo Raw for lossless computing photography. The blessing of these two makes Realme GT Neo5 only need one The main camera lens of IMX890 can also bring good image performance. Of course, its upper limit is also obvious. This is also one of its trade-offs. If your pursuit is an image, then go and look at other cameras.

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Verdict of Realme GT Neo 5

Because the official pays too much attention to the promotion of 240W fast charging, so in fact, some other commendable points of GT Neo 5 are ignored by many people, but after you actually experience it, you will find that the 240W fast charging actually brings The difference is not that big, unless it is an iPhone user switching over, it is simply a difference, otherwise, the pleasure of filling the phone faster is not as good as the performance of the image and performance, or even the appearance design In this regard, of course, in terms of appearance design, there are still new things in Realme GT Neo 5.

This is not to say that 240W fast charging is not important. As I said earlier, this is the difference between 99 and 100 points. Maybe mobile phone fast charging will stay at 240W from now on? Then Realme GT Neo5 became the first product to win the championship.

Oh, and finally, I would like to mention that Realme GT Neo5 has a storage option of up to 1TB, which is definitely good news for some users who like to shoot videos and save movies. They may even buy this phone simply because of this 1TB, In this case, if the focus of Realme GT Neo5 can improve the image and bring it into a Pro version, I believe the effect will be better.

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