Realme Pad Mini Tablet Specs Leaked to be Released April 4 in the Philippines


Realme’s second tablet, RealMe Pad Mini, will officially launch in the Philippines, marking the first realMe product launch in the country.

Specs for the tablet were revealed on e-commerce platform Lazada today, and it will be released in the Philippines on April 4. According to the image, the tablet will be equipped with an 8.7-inch screen and a 6,400mah battery. It will be powered by unigarui T616 SoC with 18W charge support and a thickness of 7.6mm.

In addition, the tablet will run RealMe UI for Pad, based on Android 11. Given the poor support for the realMe Pad update released earlier, RealMe Pad Mini’s update support is expected to be better.

Unigross unveiled the T616, a 4G chip platform with a new eight-core architecture, last August. The T616 is based on DynamIQ’s new generation of large and small core architecture. The 12nm process consists of two 2.0ghz Arm Cortex-A75 cpus and six 1.8ghz Arm Cortex-A55 processors. Equipped with a new generation of Mali G57 GPUS, it delivers even better performance. Connectivity, the T616’s data transmission performance is further upgraded with the introduction of UFS 2.1 high-speed flash interface.

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In a promotional video posted on Lazada’s website, you can see that the RealMe Pad Mini comes in two colors. What do you think?


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