Realme X VS Honor 20i Comparison Review: Design, Hardware, Features, & More


the competition in the thousands of dollars market is the most intense, and the consumers are rewarded with the greatest benefits. Then the question comes. Is the Realme X, which is based on the spirit of “overstepping”, even better? Or is it the most popular Honor 20i? In this regard, we compare the three core highlights.


First of all, the design of the next two models, as can be seen from the following figure, the front of the Honor 20i uses the mainstream water-drop screen design, the screen ratio is as high as 90%; the back is a gradient color body, beautiful and “eye-catching”. However, the only “defect” is to carry a “post-fingerprint recognition technology” similar to the mid-range machine, so that it has an inevitable fingerprint module opening on the back, and the fuselage is slightly more integrated. Worse.

Realme X is a real-time full-screen solution. The front-end selects the elevator camera design and discards the screens such as bangs, water droplets, and openings. The 6.53-inch AMOLED display has a screen ratio of up to 91.2%, which is undoubtedly the best choice for the “Dream Party” and “Game Party”. It is better than Honor 20i in the sense of screen experience.

In addition, realme X has two colors of punk blue and steam white, and also superimposed the splatter S-pattern on the basis of the gradient. At the same time, the realme X screen is also equipped with a new generation of light-sensitive screen fingerprint recognition technology, which not only improves the unlocking speed but also effectively avoids the appearance of the fuselage due to the opening of the fuselage. So from the perspective of the body value, realme X will have an advantage over the Honor 20i in this regard.


Secondly, in terms of performance, I believe this is also the concern of many small partners because judging the running ability of a mobile phone? Is there a carton effect? The most fundamental thing is to look at the ability of the hardware configuration. Realme X is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor, the maximum operating memory is 8GB; and the Honor 20i configuration is Kirin 710 processor, the largest storage 6GB. In this way, realme X will be able to carry more large-scale apps or most mainstream games, ensuring that the interface is too natural and smooth, without losing frames.


Finally, let’s talk about the performance of the camera. In this era of “every food has to eat first,” it can be said that it has gradually become another standard for consumers to choose models. The major manufacturers are also working hard in this regard. From the flagship phone to the thousand yuan phone, they have made some achievements. Among them, in the thousand yuan machine, the performance of realme X and Honor 20i is the most powerful, let’s look at it together.

Rear camera, realme X has Sony’s IM 586 sensor bucks the rear 48 million ultra-high pixels dual camera, while the Honor 20i has 24MP AI three-shot, but the latter has a 120 ° super wide-angle lens, the former in addition to The same sensor used in the industry’s first-line flagship machine, as well as super night scenes, super bright and other functional blessings, to improve the imaging rate, but also to meet the needs of a variety of complex environments. As you can see from the two photos below, realme X clearly has a higher definition. As for the front part, realme X has 16MP  lift cameras, and the Honor 20i is a front-mounted 32-megapixel single-shot. In view of this, the latter obviously has higher resolution and overall imaging probability, and the realme X has the advantages of a lift camera and an excellent AI optimization solution to improve the overall imaging effect. This can be seen from the comparison chart below. The beauty effect of realme X is even better. The Honor 20i gives people a feeling of more authenticity and higher definition.

After some introduction, it is not difficult to see that the two mobile phones have their own characteristics in terms of design, performance and camera functions. Especially in terms of price, the 6GB+128GB version of the Honor 20i during the 618 periods is the same as the 8GB+128GB version of realme X, which is the price of 1699 yuan ($245.35), but the latter is obviously more advantageous. And in the same price model, realme X also has obvious “sincerity”, how do you think about it?

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