Realme Xu Qi: X50 Pro 5G Supports 65W SuperDart Super Flash Charge


Realme X50 Pro 5G announced support for the 65W SuperDart super flash charge. At the same time, Xu Qi, vice president of realme and president of global marketing, also brought an unexpected delight-the real self X50 Pro uses a GaN (gallium nitride) material charger: compact and efficient, low heat, and of course, the cost is relatively high. The charger does not need to be purchased separately, and it is standard on all X50 Pro series. GaN gallium nitride is a promising new type of semiconductor material, which has the advantages of superior thermal conductivity, high-temperature resistance and acid, and alkali resistance. It is also used in chargers with high efficiency, low heat generation, high power, and small size. , Charging power conversion also has advantages over traditional chargers. Chargers using gallium nitride materials are generally smaller than power adapters of the same power specification.

Prior to this, Wang Wei, vice president of realme and president of realme ’s global product line, said that in 2020, due to the enhancement of 5G and performance, the demand for flash charging is increasing. Realme X50 Pro 5G 65W SuperDart maybe The best fast charging experience available.

It is reported that the realme X50 Pro 65W SuperDart has the following features:
  • 1. Charging technology: 65W SuperDart flash charge + GaN (gallium nitride) adapter, higher efficiency.
  • 2. Algorithm: VCVT intelligent tuning algorithm + VFC trickle charging optimization algorithm, real-time adjustment according to the charging situation.
  • 3. Intelligent five-core protection, comprehensive protection of charging safety
  • 4.QC / PD fast charge compatible with 18W
  • 5. Supports flash charging while playing, and you can quickly return blood when playing games.

The Realme X50 Pro, which was originally scheduled to be unveiled at the MWC conference, will be released globally on February 24th, local time in Madrid. The National Bank version is expected to be announced soon.

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