Red Magic 7 Pro Certified with 165W Adapter


In February, Red Magic released the world’s fastest charging gaming phone, Red Magic 7 Pro, which supports up to 135 watts of charging power.

Recently, Red Magic 7 series,  Red Magic 7S standard edition has passed 3C certification, and its charging specifications have also been preliminatively confirmed.

According to the 3C certification information, Red Magic 7S standard edition will carry a power adapter that supports up to 165W charging power.

However, according to the information of the previous generation, Red Magic 7 Standard edition and Red Magic 7 Pro are also equipped with 165W gallium nitride charger, but the maximum charging power supported by the phone itself is 120W and 135W respectively. Therefore, it is expected that the charging specifications supported by Red Magic 7S series will be consistent with the previous generation, namely Red Magic 7S supports 120W charging. Red Magic 7S Pro supports 135W charging.

Red Magic 7 Pro equipped with 135W magic Flash quick Charge, using Flash Fast Charge technology, with innovative parallel three-charge pump technology, it can be charged to 100% in 15 minutes, it is equipped with 5000mAh double 6C battery, supporting charging separation technology, charging while playing, reducing charging temperature rise, Increase battery life. At the same time, the quick charge adapter has excellent compatibility, supporting QC, PD, PPS, AFC, FCP, SCP, PE2.0 all mainstream quick charge protocols.

In terms of performance, the two new models of Red Magic 7S series will be equipped with the new Snapdragon 8+ mobile platform. Based on TSMC’s 4nm process, the large core main frequency will be upgraded to 3.2ghz, and the power consumption and energy efficiency ratio will be significantly improved compared with the previous generation.

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In addition, Red Magic 7 Pro is the first model to apply the under-screen camera technology to the game phone. It has five black technologies, namely 7-layer transparent material, UDC Pro display chip, multi-drive ACE circuit, tripod pixel arrangement and wavy electrode scheme in the area under the screen. The new Red Magic 7S Pro is expected to inherit the technology, becoming the second gaming phone with an under-screen camera.


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