RedMagic 6 Comes with ICE6.0 Cooling System Which Can Lower The Temperature


We find the biggest problem with this year’s game phone. Almost every Gaming Phone powered by snapdragon 888 but 888 has a bad impression because it is easy to overheat. Therefore, there will be another problem: smartphones will get sluggish after playing games for a while because of high temperatures. People have to bear this problem and they may lose their game due to the sluggish experience. However, RedMagic 6 comes with an ICE6.0 cooling system which can lower the temperature and keep high-performance for a long time. Except for the cooling system, RM6 is good at other things.

Inside the Redmagic 6 is Qualcomm’s currently most powerful SoC Snapdragon 888, the main memory is 12 GB, the flash memory 128 GB. In order to prevent the processor from overheating too quickly during complex games, the chip is not only passively but also actively cooled with a fan. Unlike Asus’ ROG Phone, for example, this is not plugged in from the outside but is built into the casing of the smartphone. At 9.7 mm, the device is still relatively slim. The fan can be switched on via the quick settings bar or a separate switch in red on the edge of the smartphone. If we use the switch, the game menu opens automatically, via which we can start our installed games. There is also a menu that can be pulled out to the side, which allows us to make numerous game-specific settings.

For example, we can set the frame rate, define macros, start a recording or configure the sensor shoulder buttons. As with other gaming smartphones, we can link these to controls on the screen, which can be helpful for shooters, for example. The games menu also allows us to increase the performance of the system. As with other gaming smartphones, we wonder whether such performance increases are even necessary when using the Snapdragon 888. If we hold the Redmagic 6 in landscape format, the built-in fan draws in air from below and blows it out again at the top. This actually ensures that the back remains cooler – and the chip is also cooled. The disadvantage is the volume: the fan is already clearly noticeable in the slower of the two available modes.

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In good gaming smartphones, the company does not forget to provide it’s Red Magic 6; with a cooling system to match the power delivered. Thus, in addition to the different layers of graphite, we discovered an internal fan rotating faster than that of the Red Magic 5 which reached 16,000 rpm. In version 6, the firm claims up to 18,000 rpm. The 6 Pro model has a fan capable of rotating up to 20,000 rpm. What strongly cools the device, even if Nubia has not yet communicated on the drop in temperature of the internal components. Finally, for playability, the Red Magic 6 once again welcomes the touch triggers posted on the left edge.

Some external accessories are also available for purchase to further improve the cooling of the device; such as the RedMagic Dual-core Cooler that was sent to us with the phone. Honestly, although it works very well, I find it a much less practical accessory than the one developed by Asus. The Dual-core Cooler is really thick and bulky; it also needs to be connected to an external USB Type-C socket; in order to work as it does not connect directly to the terminal but uses Bluetooth. Too bad because it really cools down a lot; touching the part of the accessory in contact with the smartphone feels like the surface is cold!

Other Features

RedMagic 6 Pro is equipped with two stereo speakers even if they are not both positioned frontally and reach neither the power nor the quality of the main competitor, ROG Phone 5. To be a smartphone, the quality is still very good and the separation between the two speakers is handled very well. It lacks some bass but the quality of the output sound is in line with that of many other terminals. RedMagic has kept the 3.5mm headphone jack; which will surely be appreciated by gamers even if it is positioned; where it interferes with the grip during the game.

The RedMagic 6 Pro high-performance 5050mAh battery allows you to game for hours on a single charge. Now get ready to go the extra distance for that extra hour of game time with 5050mAh. Then, get right back into the games even faster than; before with a 30W quick charger and can support up to 66W quick charging. The gaming phone beast is dual 5G-enabled, 4G LTE with 800MHz (band 20), and has Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. In the sound department, it boasts dual stereo speakers with DTS X Ultra support and Qualcomm aptX. To keep the phone cool while intense gaming sessions; it comes with a multi-layer cooling system called ICE6.0. The Nubia Red Magic 6 Pro gaming phone runs Android 11-based Red Magic OS 4.0.

The other differences between RedMagic 6 / 6 Pro are color (Pro is Moon Silver and 6 is Eclipse Black) and the price is also different. The Red Magic 6 is set to cost $599 / £509 (around AU$775); with the Red Magic 6 Pro priced slightly higher at $699 / £599 (around AU$900).


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