Redmi 10X officially Announced: Equipped World’s First MediaTek Tianji 820 Processor


MediaTek officially released the Tianji 820 processor, Lu Weibing announced that the Redmi 10X will be the world ’s first Tianji 820 processor. And now the official has announced the release time of the phone: May 26 at 14 pm point.

According to the official, Redmi 10X is a “light flagship” built for young users. “It is equipped with Tianji 820, and its performance is comparable to the flagship, beyond the same level.”

Judging from the officially announced pictures, the Redmi 10X uses a rear four-camera. The body is relatively round and has four styles of white, gold, purple, and blue.

The Tianji 820 processor uses a 7nm process, four cores plus four small cores, the large core is four 2.6GHz A76 cores, and the small core uses an A55 core. Officials say its single-core score is 7% higher than Qualcomm 765G. Reached 37%. The Tianji 820 processor uses Mali-G57 MC5 GPU and the same Valhall architecture as the Tianji 1000+.

The Tianji 820 processor uses the same APU architecture of the Tianji 1000+, the independent AI processor APU3.0, and the Zurich running score is 300% of the Snapdragon 765G. 4-core architecture improves face recognition, image optimization, and AI video. The gameplay is more abundant.

Tianji 820 claims to be equipped with the world’s most advanced M70 5G baseband, supports NSA / SA, 5G + 5G dual card dual standby, supports 5G dual-carrier aggregation, and is equipped with exclusive UltraSave 5G power-saving technology. MediaTek said that the 5G power consumption of Tianji 820 is lower than that of 765G, and the speed is faster and the delay is smaller.

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In addition, Tianji 820 supports MediaTek Imagiq 5.0 image processing technology. Uses 4-core HDR-ISP supports up to 80 Megapixel multi-camera combination. And can shoot multiple frames of 4K HDR video. Tianji 820 is equipped with the exclusive MediaTek MiraVision image quality engine. Which supports a maximum screen refresh rate of 120Hz and HDR10 +.


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