Redmi 2 Pro Motherboard Photos Exposure: Lift Camera, Basic Confirmation, No Debut in May


In the past, the rumored Redmi Pro 2 Snapdragon 855 flagships will adopt a lift-up front-end design, but now it seems to be confirmed. A few days ago, the news blogger released a mysterious Redmi Pro 2 motherboard spy photos and gave the “mechanical beauty” four words. To this end, many netizens still played a full imagination, according to the larger gap on the right side of the spy photos of the main board, this may be the flagship board of the redmi, specifically reserved for the position of the motor on the PCB, so it should be used Front camera design.

At the same time, according to the “mechanical beauty” of the text, combined with the design of the motherboard, it is speculated that the material may be implied that the new flagship of the red rice is a mechanical lift front-end design, while the beauty means that the Redmi Pro 2 has no bangs and no digging. The hole, to achieve a true full-screen visual aesthetic.

Of course, all of the above are Peoples’ delusions, but the news blogger has repeatedly suggested that the new flagship of the red rice will be a lift-up front-end design, so it is inevitable that the release of such a spy photos will naturally make people think. In addition, there are digital bloggers also seems to disclose some information about this new Redmi Pro 2, claiming that the phone is vivo NEX, the appearance of the back Xiaomi Mi9, the lift front is located at the top left side of the fuselage There is a 3.5mm headphone jack on the right side, which is close to the spy photos exposed by Lu Weibing in the past.

As for the specifications, the current news is equipped with a 6.4-inch full screen, with optical on-screen fingerprint unlocking. It is equipped with a 32MP lift front camera and has a 48MP rear three cameras. It provides 6GB and 8GB of memory, while the battery capacity reaches 4000 mAh, but only supports 18W fast charge function.

According to the suggestion the Redmi Pro 2 has not been pre-heated for the sake of not affecting the sales of Xiaomi Mi9 of “Friends”, but it is expected to meet with us in May. As for the price that everyone cares about, the news that came out in the past was 2,499 yuan ($372.75), and the high version was around 2,799 yuan ($417.50).    

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Although there is still to be confirmed in terms of authenticity, Lei Jun once mentioned in the media interview that Red Rice will launch its flagship product, and the price is about 2,500 yuan. And this information was also turned over by Lu Weibing a few days ago to confuse Lei Jun and was fined according to company regulations. To some extent, it also began to express all kinds of explicit and implicit warm-up.

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