Redmi 7 is Coming: Water Drop Screen, Gradient, Snapdragon 632, The price is ($103.99)


The Redmi 6 released by Xiaomi last year can be said to be the most worthwhile mobile phone in the 100 Yuan machine market. Now, the next generation of Redmi 6, Redmi 7 is also beginning to appear in front of everyone.

Although it is a hundred yuan machine, the performance of the Redmi 7 is not bad, and it can basically meet everyone’s daily needs. According to the latest news, the 1.8GHz processor of the Redmi 7 is likely to be Qualcomm Snapdragon 632. Red Rice 7 also has 3G+16G, 3G+32G, 4G+64G three versions. 2G version, maybe a lot of people will spit, what age, and 2G memory phone. In addition, the Redmi 7 will also have a large battery of 4000mAh, such a large battery, battery life should be very good. Redmi 7 also has a 12-megapixel rear camera.

Redmi 7’s screen size is 6.26 inches, the resolution is 720P, this resolution is a slot, the same 720P for thousands of years, people look very uncomfortable, but everyone should understand. After all, this is just a hundred yuan machine, the cost is being pressed very low. The design of the red rice 7 has already released a lot of real photos of the Redmi 7. From these photos, we can see that the red rice 7 also uses the current fashionable water drop screen, of course, the border chin is relatively wide. The color of the body is a gradient color, no longer what is the three-stage, and the rear fingerprint recognition.

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The price of Redmi 7 will not be too high, probably about the same as the previous generation of red rice 6. After all, there is a note7 on the back. Therefore, the price of Redmi 7 is expected to be 699 ($103.99). Although it is a hundred yuan machine, this configuration, this appearance, as well as taking pictures, are worthy of this price, cost-effective. If you say that there is really a friend who needs this price mobile phone, Redmi 7 will definitely be a very good choice. Everyone feels like this red rice 7, welcome to leave a message to talk about your views.

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