Redmi G Game 2021 Laptop Official Announcement Unveiled


The Redmi G game 2021 will be released on September 22.

Xiaomi laptop official micro blog post said: “Redmi brand mission is high-end products to the masses, and to create a co-file invincible high-performance light chasing game, so that every player who loves games, can enjoy the high-quality light chasing game experience, it is the new generation of Redmi G game.”

The so-called “light tracing”, or “ray tracing”, allows for more realistic shadows and reflections, as well as greatly improved semi-transparency and scattering, resulting in more realistic scenes similar to those seen by the human eye.

For the first time, NVIDIA’s RTX20 series graphics cards include ray-tracking technology for a better gaming experience, especially the latest RTX30 series.

If anything, Redmi G game 2021 will come with the RTX 30 series graphics card. The RTX 3050 will be the entry model, and the 3060 or even 3070 will be included in the advanced version.

At present, the pre-sale page of Redmi G game 2021 has been online on, showing rayon and Intel edition, 1080P screen, 64GB MEMORY and 512GB SSD.

Those who are ready to buy a game book can wait, after all, the price of red rice is very fragrant.

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The previous generation of Redmi G game book, the first Redmi game book, is a 16.1-inch 100%sRGB full screen, powered by the 10th generation Of Intel Core I5-10200H processor, with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650Ti high performance graphics card (4GB GDDR6 video memory).


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