Redmi G Game Laptop Series will Come with 16.1-inch 144Hz Esports Screen


Redmi G game is about to be released, but as the release date approaches, the official revelations are getting more and more, and the suspense is getting more and more.

This afternoon, Xiaomi games official microtape came with the latest news: Redmi G game standard 16.1-inch 144Hz esports large screen. That’s not too surprising, considering the previous generation also had a 16.1-inch 144Hz screen.

Of course, as a game, 144Hz can well support mainstream FPS games and meet the needs of most game players.

The highlight of the new Redmi G game is also the new upgrade configuration, the new AMD Rayon 7 5800H standard mobile processor (there is also a Core model), with the RTX 3060 esports level light tracking unique display, full power consumption of 130W. It also has the whole system standard with a direct connection, using DLSS 2.0 AI acceleration technology, greatly improve the game frame rate and picture quality performance,

At the same time, Redmi G game has a new update “Hurricane Heat dissipation 3.0” : double 12V big fans + five full copper heat pipes + four air outlets configuration.

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In terms of appearance design, the appearance of Redmi G game 2021 can be seen that there are two heat dissipation fins exposed on the back, and some interfaces are sandwiched between them, including power interface, network cable interface, HDMI interface, etc.


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