Redmi High-End Phone with Dimensity SoC Leaked


As the year ends, mediatek’s and Qualcomm’s flagship chips have been or will be unveiled, along with new phones that run on them. So what’s in store for the much-watched Redmi? According to the latest news learned by Mobile China, Redmi is developing a new phone equipped with Dimensity’s high-performance platform, with balanced configuration and high product positioning.

Digital bloggers have reported that Redmi is currently “polishing” mediatek’s Dimensity iterative high-performance platform. From the point of view of the current engineering phone, it is equipped with a single center hole, high brush flexible straight screen, and adopts the same right-angle center frame design as the Note 11 Pro series. It will also feature a 64 megapixel matrix camera module, under-optical fingerprints and an oversized battery of around 5,000 mA.

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It is worth mentioning that the blogger revealed that the new phone “has a high positioning”, so it can be judged as a high-end or flagship model. In its comments, it revealed that the new phone would not be available before next year’s Spring Festival. According to a number of netizens speculate that this new phecda high-performance platform is likely to be the enhanced version of the K50 game, because the existing K40 game enhanced version uses Dimensity 1200 chip, and the battery capacity has reached 5065mAh.


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