Redmi K20 Supports Dual-Frequency GPS: L1+L5 Dual Band


Redmi officially announced another new feature of Redmi K20, supporting dual-frequency GPS. After the Xiaomi 8 was first equipped with dual-frequency GPS, dual-frequency GPS became the standard feature of the mainstream flagship phone in 2019.

Lu Weibing said that the traditional mobile phone uses single-frequency GPS positioning and can only receive L1 satellite signals for positioning, which is easy to ionospheric interference and multi-path effects of urban high-rise buildings, resulting in positioning deviation.

The dual-frequency GPS can simultaneously use the L1+L5 two-frequency satellite signal for positioning, which improves the positioning accuracy. When you take a taxi, you don’t have to worry that the driver can’t find you.

Comprehensive information on the breaking, Redmi K20 will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, 6.39-inch AMOLED full screen, 4000mAh capacity battery, rear Sony 48MP ultra wide-angle three cameras, front 20MP automatic lifting AI camera, support 27W fast charge.

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The Redmi K20 supports 960 frames of super slow motion video capture, with a pop-up front camera, which has a service life of 300,000 times. It is equipped with a 7th generation screen fingerprint, supports Game Turbo 2.0, and will support multi-function NFC, retaining the headphone jack.

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