Redmi K30 Ultra Battery Life is Improved by MIUI12.5 OS


Xiaomi mobile phone system software department director Zhang Guoquan revealed today, the screen display new architecture based on the Redmi K30 Ultra has been in the development version of the public test yesterday, with MIUI12.5 can do overall battery life about 5% better than the previous version, in reading and video scenes better.

Currently, a large number of users of the K30 Ultimate Edition report poor battery life in the Mi community. Therefore, users who need to update the latest developer beta system can try to solve the problem.

As promised by the end of the year, the new display architecture based on K30ULTRA has been developed for public testing on Thursday. Welcome to experience it. I feel that everyone is very interested in this topic every time.

K30 Ultra selected a very good 120Hz + Command+ OLED screen at that time. In order to improve the display effect under high refresh rate, the system had to increase the clock and SOC Vcore voltage at the display end, and then the system power consumption increased.

The new architecture of the display software changes the image data stream from single pipeline to dual pipeline on the side of the SoC platform, which is equivalent to parallel processing of data. There is no need to raise the Vcore voltage too high, so as to achieve the purpose of power saving.

Based on the new Dual Pipeline architecture + MIUI 12.5, the overall battery life can be improved by around 5%, with greater benefits in reading & video scenarios.

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This is a rather big change. At that time, it was considered whether to do anything about it. For example, XXX’s products will not change the same architecture. In the end, we decided to do the old project too! That’s why so many of our employees are receiving all kinds of suggestions on Weibo/forums!


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