REDMI K40 Series Key Specs Leaked: 100 million Pixel Main Photograph


REDMI K40 series obtained the network license of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), REDMI K40 series is equipped with up to 100 million pixel main camera (108MP), which is the first 100 million pixel flagship of the REDMI K series.

The previous Redmi Note 9 Pro has a 100 million pixel Sensor, making it the cheapest 100 million pixel phone available.
It is reported that the first Redmi Note 9 Pro is Samsung HM2, which has a 1/1.52 inch outsole and supports 9 pixels in 1.

There is no word yet on the exact model of the Redmi K40 series with 100 million pixels. It is likely to use HMX on the Mi 11, which is the industry’s first mobile image sensor with more than 100 million pixels.

It is understood that ISOCELL Bright HMX has more than 100 million pixels, it is also the first use 1/1.33 inch photosensitive area of the large size of moving image sensor, it can absorb more light under low light conditions than other small sensors, at the same time through the joining together of four pixels merging technology (Tetracell), to achieve more Bright 27 million pixels.

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In conclusion, compared to the 64 megapixel Sony main camera used in the previous generation of the Redmi K30 Pro, the image of the Redmi K40 series is sure to be further upgraded. It is worth looking forward to.

It will debut on February 25.


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