Redmi K50 Mascot? Xiaomi Applied for Trademark for Little Dinosaur Image


In the summer of 2019, the so-called “big devil king” Redmi K series debuted, launched Redmi K20 series models, with a very high performance ratio and top performance favored by consumers, K series is still the first choice of many users to buy machines.

At that time, Xiaomi also officially designed a small dinosaur image for Redmi K20 series, which opened a lot of market for this phone. Then, when the K30 series was released the next year, the official released a new xiaomenglong image, and the dinosaur image has become one of the symbols of the K series since then.

Unfortunately, this year’s Redmi K40 series did not carry on the tradition, although the machine has received numerous praise for its outstanding configuration and cost-effective, but there is no new official dinosaur logo.

However, according to the latest reports, Xiaomi Technology Co LTD has applied for a new graphic trademark, the appearance of a small dinosaur, the international classification of the trademark related to leather products, medical devices, it should be used in related mobile phone cases and other accessories products.

It is worth noting that the new little dinosaur logo is completely different from the previous two models. Based on the current K40 series has entered the final stage of the market, this new little dinosaur is likely to debut with the Redmi K50 as the exclusive logo of the K50 series.

Based on the current known information, K50 series has started to be put on record online. There will still be three models in this series, one of which will be equipped with Snapdragon 888 chip, and the other two will be equipped with the next generation flagship snapdragon 898 chip, with very strong performance.

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According to a source, Redmi K50 series will be equipped with 100W fast charge for the first time, which is expected to be at least 120W fast charge. However, the standard version will not support 100W, only the Pro+ version will be equipped.


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