Redmi K50 Series: Dimensity 9000, 120W Ultra-Fast Charge


The Redmi K series has been favored for its extreme cost performance, and its online sales in China can directly challenge the iPhone, especially the K40 series, which has been named the flagship welder. However, it should be noted that although the K50 series has always been one of the top specifications in the industry in terms of performance and other hardware configurations, it has always been a little less interesting in terms of imaging, especially the lack of OIS optical image stabilization that is standard on the flagship. The helplessness of price balance.

However, the K50 series may break this status quo. This morning, Lu Weibing has officially announced that the K50 Dimensity 9000 version will be equipped with a 100-megapixel main camera and support OIS optical image stabilization.

The upgrade that users are thinking about is coming! Redmi K50 series supports OIS optical image stabilization

This is also the first time that Redmi has achieved optical image stabilization for the main camera, which has become one of the biggest surprises this time apart from the top flagship chip of the Dimensity 9000.

At the same time, the official also revealed that the Redmi K50  Dimensity 9000 version will be equipped with Xiaomi’s self-developed imaging brain, integrating software and hardware capabilities, achieving a 58% increase in 2X snapshot speed, a 30% increase in 1X snapshot speed, and a 31% increase in 0.6X snapshot speed. It can be called the strongest image model in the history of Redmi.

However, it should be noted that there are currently products with outsole main camera + OIS optical image stabilization in the industry, and the prices generally exceed 3,000 yuan, which is already the starting sales range of the K-series super cups in all dynasties.

This time, the Redmi K50  Dimensity 9000 version equipped with Dimensity 9000 + 120W ultra-fast charge + 100 Megapixel camera + OIS optical image stabilization has become the biggest suspense in terms of price.

Some bloggers predict that the starting prices of the three-cup flagship will be 1999 yuan, 2699 yuan, and 3499 yuan respectively, but in terms of the configuration of the Dimensity 9000 version currently exposed, many netizens think that 3499 yuan is compared to last year’s super cup. The 3699 yuan is even lower, which is basically unrealistic.

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