Redmi K50 Ultra Vs Redmi K60 Comparison Review


The Redmi K50 Ultra is the top model of the previous generation, while the Redmi K60 is the standard version of the new series.

At this stage, the large storage versions of the two models are basically at the same price. The advantages of the Redmi K50 Ultra are taking pictures and wired charging; while the advantages of the Redmi K60 are the screen, battery life, and wireless charging. The two models are basically in the fifth class. In the five-open situation, the choice still depends on the focus of your own use.

Advantages of Redmi K50 Ultra


The Redmi K50 Ultra has a 20MP front camera and a 100MP rear Samsung HM6 main camera. The specification is higher than that of the Redmi K60. With the Xiaomi image technology, the imaging quality is naturally better, although it cannot be said to be at the top level at the same price. But it is also a mainstream column! The 64MP of the rear OV64B of the Redmi K60 is inferior, belonging to the level of $150.

2. Wired charging

Redmi K50 Ultra uses a 5000mAh battery with 120W flash charging, which is a relatively balanced combination. Although it does not support wireless charging, the wired speed is fast.

In addition, the processor of the Redmi K50 Ultra also has certain advantages. It uses the full-blooded version of the Snapdragon 8+ processor. The benchmark score is much higher than that of the down-clocked version on the K60, but it is not obvious in daily use.

Advantages of Redmi K60


The Redmi K60 can be regarded as the new machine with the highest screen quality in the $300 range. The supplier of this screen is domestic Huaxing Optoelectronics, which supports 3200X1440 resolution, 12bit, 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, etc. It is excellent in both appearance and color display.


In the Chinese Android camp, the battery capacity largely determines the battery life, and the Redmi K60 has a built-in 5500mAh large battery, which is definitely a model with a relatively long battery life.

Wireless charging

Redmi K60 also supports 30W wireless charging. Although the power is not high, it is also a relatively rare function in the $300 file.


In fact, the price-performance ratio of Redmi K50 Ultra and K60 is relatively high, especially the reduced price of Redmi K60 even has certain advantages in the price of the large storage version, as long as users who don’t care about taking pictures and like large storage are definitely the choice Redmi K60 is more suitable; while Redmi K50 Ultra is more balanced, and the overall experience will be slightly better.

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