Redmi K50 Ultra will Arrives this Month


Redmi K50 Ultra, the ultimate masterpiece in the K50 universe, is set to be released this month, but now there’s some bad news.

According to the latest revelations from the blogger’s digital chat station, all of the Snapdragon 8+ ‘s straight screen flagship in the second half of the year will have their 2K screens removed, which means that the highly acclaimed 2K screens of the K50 series will also be removed.

Now it looks like Redmi K50 Ultra will have the same screen as the K50 esports version, as previously rumored.

Although the 2K resolution has been cut, this screen is also a very high quality 1080P screen, which is supplied by Chinese manufacturer China Star Optoelectronics.

In basic terms, the screen is a 6.67-inch flexible OLED screen with FHD+ resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate.

The screen was rated A+ by DisplayMate and set 15 quality records at one time.

These include: highest contrast, lowest screen reflectance, minimum Angle brightness variation, largest screen native gamut, best white color accuracy, best absolute color accuracy, highest OLED smartphone full screen brightness, and more.

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Most importantly, the screen also supports a 1920Hz PWM dimming, which is three times higher than the regular 480Hz dimming frequency, which can retain the color accuracy in low light while also solving the problem of “low brightness stuttering”.

What do you think of this screen or 2K screen?


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