Redmi K60 Official Announcement: The Full range of super high performance


Today, Redmi’s new flagship K60 series officially announced with the official Slogan “Earlier than expected, faster than imagined”, featuring high performance.

Officially, Redmi K60 Universe is dedicated to all users as the first New Year’s gift of 2023.

There are three versions of the K60 series, including the K60E, K60 and K60 Pro, which are powered by Dimensity 8200, Snapdragon 8+ and second-generation Snapdragon 8 processors respectively, and up to 2K straight screen.

Redmi K60 series is currently 3C certified, with one supporting 120W fast charging and the other two supporting 67W.

According to blogger “Digital Chat Site”, Redmi K60 will be available in 16+512GB large-capacity combination, the top of which is the Snapdragon 8 second generation +16GB LPDDR5X+512GB UFS 4.0.

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As Redmi flagship product line, the first two generations of K40 series, K50 series have set up the image of “welding door man”, coming Redmi K60 series will undoubtedly sit firmly “welding door man” throne.


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