Redmi Launched 4 New Products: New Smartphones & Notebook


The Redmi conference brought four new products in one breath and welcomed the brand’s first flagship phone after independence. Lei Jun said in the public account that this is a major milestone for Redmi as an independent brand, it has a complete product system and has truly completed the transformation from Xiaomi to Redmi.

Lei Jun said that four months ago, we upgraded the redmi series to the new independent brand Redmi. In these four months, the new Redmi brand released three mobile phones, and I have discussed it with Redmi’s entire team many times: What is the brand’s positioning, or mission?

We finally combed out the following five:

Lei Jun said that Redmi inherits the glorious past of Xiaomi and Hongmi before 2019, and also creates a new future of its own. However, in the past few years, the high-end flagship has been arrogant on the road of high profits, and now even the “pseudo-flagship” is popular. Therefore, compared to the thousand yuan machine, the high-end flagship needs more cost-effective competition.

Redmi K20 is a killer flagship that we have created in such a big background. We will not use the “high-end flagship” as a gimmick, and will not be used as a tool to seek high premium. We will always adhere to the kind of pricing, with a strong performance and uncompromising experience, declare war on all unreasonable premiums, Redmi K20, is to all KO pseudo flagship.

Here are four new products released by Redmi today:

Redmi K20 Pro? True Flagship

  • Snapdragon 855 flagship processor, 8-layer graphite stereo heat dissipation;
  • 6.39″ full-screen full screen, the seventh generation screen fingerprint unlocked;
  • 48MP super clear three shots, 20MP pop-up front camera;
  • 4000mAh large power, 27W wired fast charge;
  • NFC, dual-frequency GPS, Hi-Res Audio certification;
  • The price starts at 2,499 yuan.
  • The Redmi K20 Pro has three colors: flame red, glacier blue, and carbon black.
  • The 6.39-inch Samsung AMOLED display has a high screen ratio.

The rear three-shot full-focus section smoothly switches to achieve seamless integration from 0.6x to 10x hybrid zoom. Snapdragon 855 processor, CPU single-core performance increased by 45%, game speed increased by 25%, comparable to professional gaming phones.

The first sale on the whole network at 10 o’clock on June 1 will start at 6 o’clock tonight.

Redmi K20 & Redmi 7A

The Redmi K20 is slightly different from the Redmi K20 Pro. It is equipped with the Snapdragon 730 processor, nicknamed “Little 855″, and is Qualcomm’s first 8nm process chip. If it is not a heavy gamer, it will be used daily. The rear is 48 million super clear three shots, 18W fast charge, the price starts from 1999 yuan.

Redmi 7A is greatly improved on the basis of Redmi 6A. It is equipped with 5.45” eye-protection screen, Snapdragon eight-core processor, 4000mAh long battery life, as well as family-friendly guardian, minimalist desktop, large volume and many other intimate. Function. The whole life is splash-proof, starting at 549 yuan

At this point, Redmi has completed the product layout of 500~3000 yuan: If you want performance flagship mobile phone, it is recommended to choose Redmi K20 series; if you want thousands of flagship mobile phones, you can choose Redmi Note 7 series; if you are pursuing high-quality public models, Redmi The 7 series is the best choice.

RedmiBook 14? Layout Ecosphere

Redmi is not limited to mobile phones but also strives to build the Redmi ecosystem on AIOT. On March 18th, Redmi released two eco-products: Redmi AirDots true wireless Bluetooth headset and Redmi automatic wave washer.

Today, the Redmi eco-family has added a new heavyweight member: the RedmiBook 14 is a thin and light notebook, which is the representative product of the AIOT ecosystem that Redmi is working on.

Why is Redmi going to be a notebook?

Lei Jun said that there are several main considerations. First, we believe that in the future strategy of AIOT, the notebook is the sub-center of human-computer interaction and is a very important entrance. Under the guidance of the company’s “mobile +AIoT” dual-engine strategy, the power notebook is an inevitable choice.

Second, we heard a lot of rice noodles. We hope to buy high-performance notebooks with high performance and high value. There are not enough products in the current notebook market to satisfy them. Therefore, Redmi is doing his part.

As a break, RedmiBook 14 brings the ultimate price/performance ratio to the notebook industry. Please see the figure below for the detailed price and configuration.

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Redmi brand battle declaration: the quality of death, the pursuit of extreme cost performance, Redmi is to declare war on all unreasonable premium, Redmi is to fight for the good life of 5 billion people around the world.

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