Redmi Note 11 Pro+ Review: With 120W Ultra Fast Charging


In fact, in the final analysis, “sincerity” brings more to Ours is a kind of “safety”. Every “keyword” that the brain fills up above has a reassuring element, and the pheromones conveyed in this are all interlinked, which is also applicable to mobile phones. . Those high-end flagships that are exquisite like works of art are ultimately “sunny and snowy” for pragmatists. Fast charging, large screen, high brushing, strong battery life, high cost-effectiveness, etc., are the straightforward selling points they pursue. The “lower Liba people”, especially at the node where the Chinese people’s annual shopping spree has begun on “Double Eleven”, don’t engage in so many bells and whistles, and directly come up with the most sincere products, which are not only needed by manufacturers, but also for consumption. People need.

People look forward to “Double Eleven” not only because it brings a legitimate reason to persuade themselves to spend money, but also because only during the “Double Eleven” period, manufacturers will come up with a variety of housekeeping skills. Rearranging the combination of high-end features and affordable prices is stingy. People are waiting for “Double Eleven”, but after all, they are waiting for a “surprise”, a surprise full of cost-effectiveness. For those who want to buy machines on “Double Eleven”, they are still waiting for a brand, this brand The ratio of hardware and price never disappoints, it is Redmi.

Redmi, who “sticks to quality and price”, has made himself a “sincere person” in the mobile phone market. This time, he took out the “120W Immortal Second Charge” from his pocket and decorated it on the Redmi Note11 series. That feeling is like facing a long-awaited luxury item in a shopping mall window, and then the next second, the merchant tells you that you can take it away with only 10% off, so ecstatic.

A tough guy is always the most fascinating image, and to create a tough guy, a tough look and a strong figure are often essential elements. This kind of portrayal from “lines” can always lock people in the first time The first impression of the Redmi Note 11 Pro+, which is known for its reliable quality, is well versed in the body design this time. It has changed the rounded style adopted by the Note10 series 5 months ago, passing the same 8.45°R angle around the body. , And the “small standing edge” formed by the straight body lines, will transmit the reliable and capable “Little King Kong” quality to the heart of every user through the naked eye and the nerve endings in the palm of the hand. After getting started with Redmi Note11 Pro+, it is using this unique “iron man tenderness” beauty to conquer me step by step.

Why is it called “Tiehan Tenderness”? Because first of all, when you first see Redmi Note 11 Pro+, you will definitely be attracted by its capable and upright line style. The glass backplane, the body frame, and the screen, the three lines extend in parallel to both ends. This “absolutely regular” design may make you feel cold and create a sense of distance. At this time, Redmi Note11 Pro+ Choose to add four 8.45°R angles with exactly the same arc around the phone to finish the boundary of the line. So far, the neat and square “small vertical edge” outlines the entire Redmi Note11 Pro+ machine. The body, with a line design close to 0 radians, is precise on the surface, but in fact, it is a reassuring sense of reliability.

Design & Appearance

Of course, this does not mean that the appearance design of the Redmi Note11 series will tend to be dull. On the contrary, due to the use of a more advanced AG frosted glass back panel, the body of the Redmi Note11 Pro+ is better than the previous generation Note10 series. With more layers and flavor, coupled with an 8.34mm ultra-thin body and a weight of 204g, this will be the rare “little beauty” among the current heavyweight smartphones.

If the laser texture of the Note10 series is a young trend, then the AG frosted glass of the Redmi Note11 Pro+ is a more stable and layered fashion. The combination of “small vertical edge” and AG frosted glass is a classic. In the case of reducing fingerprint residue, it may make you fall in love with the feeling of finger rubbing. Of course, if you think the round and soft body lines and smooth glass body of the Note10 series are more comfortable, then the Redmi Note11 in the middle cup may be more suitable for you. Its appearance is not as big as Redmi Note11 Pro+, the biggest To a certain extent, the style of the Note10 series is retained.

In terms of color matching, Redmi Note 11 Pro+ brings us three full AG matte color matchings: Mysterious Blackland, Misty Forest, and Time Quiet Purple this time. Redmi Note11 has three colors: Light Dream Galaxy, Mysterious Blackland, and Mint Mint. This time we got the Redmi Note11 Pro+ of the Shijingzi version and the Redmi Note11 of the Light Dream Galaxy version. First, let’s take a look at “Time Quiet Purple”. Its color saturation is very high. The entire purple blend is very mellow. With the blessing of AG frosted glass, this color of Redmi Note11 Pro+ is like a hot fragrance. The glass of taro milkshake has a frosted effect like the hot steam in the glass, youthful and sweet.

Next is “Shallow Dream Galaxy”. To be honest, before getting started, I never thought that this color would be so high-powered. At first glance, “Light Dream Galaxy” looks like gradual splicing of sky blue and peach pink. But when it appears in the sun, with the different lighting angles, the “Shallow Dream Galaxy” version of Redmi Note11, its body will gradually fade back and forth between purple, white, and sky blue, and those that are usually hidden At this time, the shiny dust will also connect the reflected light of the “Bringblin” with the flakes of “glitter” on the lower part of the phone, just like snowflakes falling gradually under the blue sky, believe me, Miss Sister We must have no resistance to this color, and it will definitely become the hottest item among the three colors of Redmi Note11.

After reading the body full of highlights, we then turn to the front to welcome the screen upgrade of the Redmi Note11 series. On the previous generation of Redmi Note10 Pro, the 120Hz LCD high refresh screen with the six-speed transmission is impressive, but compared with mainstream AMOLED screens, the high refresh screen of LCD material still has obvious smear under low-temperature conditions. , Low brightness, light leakage, not conducive to the thin body, and other disadvantages, so in order to further enhance the user experience, this time Redmi Note11 Pro+ has made a major upgrade on the screen, introducing the same Samsung AMOLED screen as on the high-end flagship machine.

Compared with the LCD screen, because the Samsung AMOLED screen uses the exclusive pentile drilling method, it is not like a traditional LCD screen that one pixel is equal to the collection of three sub-pixels of red, green, and blue, but one pixel = 1 green +0.5 blue + 0.5 red, which greatly emphasizes green, which can make the picture look more vivid. At the same time, the AMOLED screen has a “self-luminous” feature, which can achieve the effect that a single pixel does not work when displaying black. This makes the AMOLED screen more energy-efficient when displaying dark colors, and achieves a contrast ratio several hundred times higher than that of traditional LCD screens. The brightness of the screen and the wider color gamut will not leak light. And because AMOLED screens have a certain degree of flexibility, they are thinner and less suitable for damage than LCD screens with glass substrates.

The 6.67-inch Samsung AMOLED screen on Redmi Note11 Pro+ not only inherits the above advantages but also retains a high refresh rate of 120Hz and a high touch sampling rate of 360Hz. The actual experience is smoother and more user-friendly. The screen’s clicks, slides, and other operations are triggered faster, and there is no obvious trace of smear; the standard FHD+ resolution of 2400×1080 with P3 wide color gamut creates a more comfortable and delicate look and feel than Redmi Note10 Pro For visual experience, the fifth-generation Corning Gorilla Glass-covered by the surface has the characteristics of drop and scratch resistance, which further ensures the durability of the screen. It is worth mentioning that for this Samsung AMOLED screen to bring a more natural use effect, Redmi Note 11 Pro+ is also equipped with two front and rear 360° dual light sensors, and the rear light sensor is integrated into the camera module. . This makes Redmi Note11 Pro+ in the “auto-brightness” mode, the brightness adjustment transition of the screen is more natural, and it will not cause sudden irritation to the eyes.

However, if you are still a member of the persevering “LCD Never Slave” team, then Redmi Note11 still reserves a 90Hz 6.6-inch LCD high refresh screen for you. Regarding the screen, the Redmi Note11 series is still Saved as much as possible.

In order to achieve a larger screen ratio within a limited range of the body, the Redmi Note11 Pro+ with a center-punched shape has chosen an advanced “ultra-small hole” process to minimize the opening of the front lens and match the screens on the left and right ends of the screen. Ultra-narrow bezel, visual integrity has been further improved.

If the screen represents the upgrade of the Redmi Note11 Pro series, the various classic buttons and openings on the frame are a kind of heritage. First of all, we can easily find the classic “symmetrical large-diaphragm double 1115 symmetrical stereo speakers” openings on the upper and lower frames, which have still been professionally tuned by JBL and support Dolby Atmos.

Secondly, the infrared opening on the upper frame and the 3.5mm headphone jack are classic features that Redmi still uses to this day, and even relying on these two classic features, Redmi has gained a lot of “die loyal fans.” The Redmi Note11 series still use the classic and trustworthy fingerprint power combo button on the side of the unlocking method. To be honest, according to my actual experience, it is indeed better than the unlocking speed and recognition rate in the same price range. The screen fingerprint is faster and more stable.

In general, in terms of appearance, Redmi Note 11 Pro+ has undergone drastic changes. The design style of the whole machine is more restrained and focused on temperament. Of course, the most important thing is that the Redmi Note series has finally joined the mainstream AMOLED camp, which can bring more High-end screen display experience, but this does not mean that Redmi is forcing its old users to make the transition from LCD to AMOLED. The Redmi Note11 in the middle cup still retains many styles of the previous product, which is the best transition point between the new and the old Note.

What can bring you a sense of security in the process of using a mobile phone? The combination of fast charging, a large battery, and enough hardware performance to support all daily use is like a solid chest, and you can rely on it with confidence. Speaking of fast charging, this is definitely the fastest growing one among the many functions of smartphones in recent years. From 20W to 120W today, the time we spend on charging is gradually sprinting to single digits.

But even so, there are still a handful of products on the market that can have 120W top fast charging speed, but those who have experienced it have not been conquered by the “full battery in the blink of an eye” experience, even if it is presented as the only selling point, It will still attract a lot of attention. Previously, the outside world has been speculating when Redmi will introduce 120W wired fast charging into its “flagship product” line, but how about Redmi is sincere, sincere people often have no scheming, so you can’t predict its prediction at all. , Who would have thought that Redmi, which has always played cards not according to common sense, played Boda this time, and even put the 120W fairy second charge on the Redmi Note11 Pro+ for the first time. I had a hunch when the warm-up news was released. Redmi is about to create an earthquake again.

When I saw the huge 120W charging head in the Redmi Note 11 Pro+ package, I knew that Redmi was safe in this wave. Speaking of the 120W fast charge of Redmi Note 11 Pro+, it adopts the advanced high-efficiency charge pump technology in the industry. At the same time, the 4500mAh (2250mAh×2) battery of Redmi Note11 Pro+ also adopts a more efficient and safer charging MTW multi-pole ear double string battery cell structure, the combination of the two can effectively reduce the charging impedance, reduce the power loss during the charging process, and inhibit the heating problem that may occur in the charger and the body during the fast charging process.

In order to show everyone the magical speed of 120W fast charging, we measured the charging speed of the Redmi Note11 Pro+. In just three minutes, it can charge Redmi Note11 Pro+ 10% of the power, 0-50% only consumes In 7 minutes, it only takes 22 minutes to fully charge the entire phone.

But do you think this is the limit of the Redmi Note 11 Pro+? Of course not. For those friends who need a faster-charging speed, Redmi Note11 Pro+ also prepares a hidden surprise for them. Click “Settings”-“Battery”, and then swipe left to the “Battery” page, you will be able to see the option of “Quick charge acceleration mode”. After setting the power level that triggers the “Quick charge acceleration mode”, when the phone power is lower than this When we charge it at the threshold, we can successfully activate the “complete body” of the 120W immortal second charge.

After our actual measurement, in the “fast charge acceleration mode”, the charging time of Redmi Note11 Pro+ 0-100% is only 20 minutes, which is exactly 2 minutes faster than the regular model. At the same time, the charger and the body’s temperature also rose slightly. In my opinion, the “fast charge acceleration mode” is very helpful for those who are in need of “battery rescue”, but in the process of daily use, I think the permanent “normal mode” is the best choice, the speed is absolutely sufficient, and there is no need to worry about heat generation.

When you see here, some friends may ask: “I need a larger battery capacity, fast charging speed is enough, can I choose some?” Of course, there are some options. The Redmi Note11 in the middle cup is equipped with a 5000mAh super-large this time. The battery is a proper “practical”. Those who need a large battery may wish to take a look at the Redmi Note11 in the middle cup, which takes into account the large battery and fast charging, and finds a balance between the two.


The reason why Redmi Note 11 Pro+ is equipped with such a powerful fast charging speed, in the final analysis, is to leave room for stronger hardware performance. This, Redmi Note11 Pro + starting a new DNT 920 5G processor, which uses a 6nm TSMC process technology to build, with two large core clocked at 2.5GHz A78 performance is clocked at 2.0GHz and 6 of the A55 small The GPU is a quad-core Mali G68 MC4. Judging from the paper parameters, this is a very competitive mid-to-high-end 5G chip, so what will its actual performance be?

First of all, we ran a score test on it through the Antutu platform. The score of 490,460 is close to 500,000 points, which ranks high among the products in the same price range. After that, we ran “Glory of the King” and “League of Legends Mobile Games” respectively. “, “Peace Elite” these three mobile games, considering the actual game experience of Redmi Note11 Pro+, the final result is very satisfactory.

This phone can complete the operation of the three games very smoothly, and there are few cards during the period. The sudden situation is enough to show that Dimensity 920 5G has no problem in handling mobile games in our daily lives. At the same time, Redmi Note11 Pro+ also has a built-in X-axis linear motor, and the vibration feedback generated when playing games is very sensational. Thanks to the “three-dimensional heat dissipation system” with liquid cooling, the temperature of the body of the Redmi Note11 Pro+ can be well controlled even if the game is played for a long time, and there is no hot situation during the game experience.

In terms of communications, Dimensity 920 5G gives Redmi Note 11 Pro+ a wealth of signal receiving capabilities. In addition to supporting SA/NSA dual-mode 5G networking, it also adds dual-card dual-standby with dual 5G cards based on the user habits of the Chinese people. Function, different from the previous “main 5 and 4”, the Redmi Note11 Pro+ equipped with Dimensity 920 allows the main card and the secondary card to keep 5G on the network at the same time. In terms of Wi-Fi, Redmi Note11 Pro+ supports the latest Wi-Fi 6, and the Bluetooth protocol has also been updated to the latest Bluetooth 5.2.

As for the Redmi Note 11 in the Middle Cup, it is equipped with the Dimensity 810, which is also built for TSMC’s 6nm process technology. The Antutu score of 389,619 points also makes its performance not to be underestimated.


For the sincere Redmi Note series, taking pictures does not require dazzling skills or gorgeous functions, but a solid, stable, and stable performance, and the pixel as the basis of all imaging, the higher the pixel, the more it can bring additional income. The previous generation of the Redmi Note 10 series set the main camera to 64MP, which has already brought quite a good performance. This time, Redmi Note11 Pro+ chose to directly top the top, raising the main camera to the highest level in the industry at 108 MegaPixel, for many competing products in the same price range, this is definitely a dimensionality reduction blow from the top.

From the above set of proofs, we can see that under the condition of sufficient daylight, the 108 Megapixel main camera of the Redmi Note11 Pro+ has ample room to play. First of all, high pixels bring extremely high resolution to the film. The various details in the video are clearly preserved, and secondly, with the support of high pixels, when we perform operations such as secondary cropping on the photo in the later stage, the image quality will not be lost too seriously, and it is reserved for the later stage. It’s a considerable space, but the overall tone is superb, not as gorgeous as imagined.

At night, the performance of this 108MP main camera is still eye-catching. Thanks to the 1/1.52 inch super-outsole and the F/1.89 large aperture, the amount of light in the night shot samples of Redmi Note11 Pro+ has been significantly improved, and the dark part The details are also preserved as much as possible. Surprisingly, the picture purity of these proofs is very high, the lighting is only slightly overexposed, and noise is rarely seen. The night performance of this 108 million main camera is enough to surprise people.

Together with this 108MP main camera, there is also an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 2-megapixel macro lens. The ultra-wide-angle lens of Redmi Note11 Pro+ has an ultra-wide field of view of 120°, which can fit more things into the lens, and the anti-distortion treatment at the edges of the photo is also in place. The macro lens magnifies the details that we have never observed in our lives, and with the blurred background, it presents a different charm.

On the front side, Redmi Note 11 Pro+ is equipped with a 16-megapixel front lens. In terms of camera gameplay, MIUI’s classic magic change, and smart vlog recording functions, Redmi Note11 Pro+ are also readily available.


Choosing Redmi Note11 Pro+ to become Redmi’s first mobile phone product equipped with 120W fast charging, this result is believed to have surprised many people, but because of this, Redmi seems to be able to change this year’s “Double Eleven” Seize the opportunity in the tide of opportunities. It’s not an exaggeration to use “flat ground thunder” to describe the upgrade range of this Redmi Note11 Pro+.

There is no doubt that in the appearance, screen, fast charging, etc. these thunders, the 120W fast charging “this thunder” is undoubtedly approved. The loudest and most exciting “thunder” not only awakened those who are still at a loss during the various double eleven events, but also awakened other manufacturers in most flagship products. Without the 120W fast charge, Redmi has “decentralized” it, so the pressure is not actually on Redmi, but on the lagging manufacturers.


But instead of “decentralization”, I would rather use “upgrade” to summarize the upgrade of Redmi Note 11 Pro+. The upgrade is the screen, fast charging, and taking pictures, which are the most frequently used functions in daily life, but the quality is retained. , Infrared, 3.5mm headphone jack, NFC, and so on, you can think of Redmi’s “Little King Kong quality” in series. There is no doubt that the Redmi Note11 series will become the most competitive product in the “Double Eleven”, and it is also likely to drive a new round of “involution” of mid-range phones, but for us consumers, there are Who doesn’t want this “involution” to be more violent?

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