Redmi Note 11T Series will Feature a 3.5mm Headphone Jack


Today, Redmi announced the first color scheme for the Note 11T Pro+ — Atomic silver. Officially, silver is the base color of the trend, but also belongs to the “hero” of science and technology. Atom is the cornerstone of matter, but also the origin of all exploration.

Redmi Note 11T Pro+ rear-mounted tri-camera scheme, shown here, features a matrix camera design with a Type-C port at the bottom and a 3.5mm headphone jack on top.

This phone adopts LCD full screen, the refresh rate is 144Hz, supports seven speed change, the mobile phone will be used according to the scene, from the lowest 30FPS film to 144FPS game, this high brush on the high brush, in the scene does not need high brush automatically reduce the refresh rate to save electricity, so as to make efficient use of high brush.

What’s more, the LCD screen on the Redmi Note 11T Pro+ has been certified by DisplayMate A+, the industry’s first high-brush LCD screen to be certified by DisplayMate A+, making it the best HIGH-brush LCD screen ever.

Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi China and general manager of Redmi brand, said the LCD is equipped with a series of flagship display adjustment technologies, including the Note 11T Pro+ ‘s 144Hz 7-speed shift, primary color screen, true color display and Dolby Vision.

Redmi Note 11T will make its official debut on May 24.


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