Redmi Note 12 Needs to Change a Name by Lu Weibing


According to the previous warm up, Redmi will soon have another batch of new phones, this time the Note series, will upgrade Dimensity 8000 processor, the performance of  little King Kong is worthy of the name, but this time the name may change, perhaps not Redmi Note 12 series.

Just Lu Weibing, general manager of MI fans in weibo also talked about Redmi Note the situation of the new product, as you all know, last year Redmi Note series opened two generations a year of product strategy: generation focused on the extreme performance (performance:), a generation of poly (universal focal experience (experience small transformers), the user can choose according to their different needs.

Lu Weibing said there is also mi fans’ feedback, in the purchase of two generations of product names are digital series, easy to distinguish, so he asked everyone’s opinion online, the performance of the small king Kong how to name.

According to Lu weibing, Redmi Note 12 series is not necessarily the name of the new phone. After all, it is not far from Redmi Note 11 series, so it is easy to confuse.

As for what to call it, despite some teasing comments, the @tMT class representative came up with a good name: Redmi Note 11T, which stands for Turbo, and certainly suits the definition of performance boy.

How do you feel about the name Redmi Note 11T? There are better options to give Lu Weibing advice.

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Back to the phone itself, whether it is called Redmi Note 11T or Redmi Note 12, this new phone is still very powerful. The processor is Dimensity 8000, which is equipped with LCD screen, and the mid-hole screen scheme. The refresh rate may be 120Hz, and it is expected to support 67W super fast charging. The Pro+ version is likely to charge 120W seconds.


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