Redmi Note 12 Series Leaked: Equipped With 210W Flash Charge


The Weibo digital blogger the news that it is suspected that the Redmi Note 12 series has passed the charging certification and will be officially released in October.

From the exposure map, the Redmi Note12 series has three models, namely Note 12, Note 12 Pro, and Note 12 Pro+, and the three models are equipped with different flash charging power. The medium cup is equipped with 67W flash charging, The large cup is 120W, and the focus is on the super-large Note 12 Pro+, which brings a 210W flash charge of up to 20V 10.5A.

Among the models currently on sale, the iQOO 10 Pro has the highest charging power. Its 200W flash charging technology brings the charging time to 10 minutes, and this time the Redmi Note12 series directly pulls the 210W flash charging is also very competitive. strength.

Weibo digital blogger also said that 200W and 210W super flash charging are not the focus. At present, the supplier’s new 10C battery system solution can charge 80% in 6 minutes, and there will be new solutions with higher power next year. , targeting single-digit charging times.

Back to the topic, the 210W flash charge brought by the Redmi Note 12 series this time is indeed very exciting. Interested friends can also pay attention to the official Weibo of Redmi Note 12.

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